"It's so f--king frustrating": iBDW deactives Twitter after loss to Hungrybox in Ludwig tournament


One of Melee's newest top players, iBDW, has deleted his Twitter account after a loss to Melee God Hungrybox in Ludwig's online tournament. 


During the Winners Quarterfinals, iBDW lost 0-2 to Hungrybox, who went on to pop off dramatically over the victory. In response, iBDW could be seen looking especially frustrated and upset on his own stream. 


"Now he's freaking out and going to get a million subs. I know that you're not supposed to care but it's so fucking frustrating. I don't want to do this right now, man," iBDW said to his viewers. 



iBDW also added that he was not going to be playing the money match following the tournament. He added that they should have "checked with him" before setting up the money match, stating that he was going to tell them to "fuck off." 


"They shouldn't make me just play something without even telling me," iBDW said. 


While iBDW's viewers offered him a plethora of support on Twitch, Twitter was another story. It was reported that many of Hungrybox's fans started harassing iBDW after his salty loss to the Jigglypuff main. Soon after, IBDW's Twitter was nowhere to be found. 



iBDW himself has not stated exactly why he decided to deactivate his Twitter. It's currently not known what triggered the deactivation and when he will come back to the social media platform. 


iBDW has been complaining on Twitter for the past few months, explaining his disdain for the Smash community's behavior on the site. It was apparent that iBDW felt that people were arguing on Twitter and causing controversy over a variety of topics that he felt were not appropriate for a public social media platform. He has contemplated leaving Twitter in the past and the harassment could have been the final straw for the time being. 

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