KT Life: "Sometimes, I had a choice between going after their mid or bot, but I intentionally went after Ruler."


In the 2022 LCK Spring Split on Jan. 29, KT Rolster upset Gen.G 2-0. To Kim “Life” Jeong-min, today’s win meant double — it was a win against his former teammate, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. When we talked to Life after their win, he didn’t hide his big smile.


“I was in Gen.G starting from when I was a trainee. It was the first time that I played against them on a different team. Obviously, I wanted to win, but more than that, I wanted to show that I improved this much. Personally, I wanted to land a great initiation on Ruler and kill him. I’m happy that I did and also won the match.”


Life’s comment during the broadcast Player of the Game interview was interesting as well. He said that he took it rather personally against Ruler. “Sometimes, I had a choice between going after their mid or bot, but I intentionally went after Ruler. In game 2 as well, I just focused on pouncing on Aphelios. It’s a good thing that Ruler’s a bot laner. I’m supposed to go after the bot laner, but I kind of felt guilty to my teammates.”


In the two games, Life played Sett and Jarvan IV, his signature champions. Especially in game 1, Life was confident enough to pick Sett without even seeing the opponent’s champions.


“I’m extremely confident playing Sett, so if the opponents don’t ban him, I’ll play him. I’ll keep playing him as long as he isn’t banned. Frankly, Sett is countered by any champion. But maybe because I played him so much, I know when I can win. If I seize those chances, we can get ahead. The only reason I play him is confidence. As for our Kalista and Jarvan IV, we prepared the comp almost as soon as we gathered. It was worth playing in game 2, so we picked them.”


Like their name, KT Rolster had their ups and downs in their performance. With today’s win, they’ve placed themselves at 4th place with a 3-3 record. In the previous match, they lost to Liiv SANDBOX, who are ranked 7th, but they swept Gen.G today, who was undefeated. About the inconsistency, Life said, “Several times, we won game 1 and lost games 2 and 3. We tend to get excited after winning. When we do, things get messy, and sometimes we have a hard time focusing. Obviously, we made a lot of mistakes. Our main feedback was about that. In today’s match as well, our coaches told us to stay calm.”


KT Rolster’s next match will be after the Lunar New Year break. Life said that he’ll spend time with his family and have some rest. “I’ll be going back home to see my family and sleep a lot before coming back.”


Lastly, Life thanked all the fans. “Thank you to all the fans that cheered for me since I was in Gen.G. Thank you for still cheering for me. Have a great Lunar New year.”

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