[UPDATE 4/11] The Seoul Regional Labor Relations Commission rules that coach KIM was unfairly dismissed

UPDATE [4/11] The Seoul Regional Labor Relations Commission has ruled in favor of former head coach Kim "KIM" Jeong-soo, stating that his firing from DRX was an unfair dismissal. The initial ruling is that coach KIM is to be reinstated immediately, and be paid for the time he was absent from the team.


KIM's lawyers provided a comment to Inven Global regarding the matter, stating: "The facts are too evident in this case for the ruling to be overturned. In the history of how the Seoul Regional Labor Relations Commissions ruled, they've shown professionalism in their rulings with cases that had less evidence. We expect that there's a 90% chance that this ruling won't be overturned in the final verdict."


The head of KIM's agency, Shadow Coporation's Park Jae-seok, also provided a comment to Inven Global, stating: "More than anything, I hope to resolve such matter in a clean and fair fashion, without affecting the DRX players' matches. I want to thank coach KIM and our lawyers for their hard work to resolve this issue."   


UPDATE: KIM provided a statement through his social media, stating that if DRX CEO Choi Sang-in agrees, he'll unveil everything that went down regarding his removal from the roster. Meanwhile, Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu said that there was no discord between the players and KIM, and said that the players want him to return.


Kim “KIM” Jeong-soo has been removed from DRX’s roster. Accordingly, DRX will have to participate in the 2022 LCK Spring Split with interim head coach Shin “Shine” Dong-wook, including today’s match against Nongshim RedForce.


KIM had been coaching DRX starting this season. In his career, KIM had coached several teams. In 2018, he won the World Championship with Invictus Gaming. After coaching Invictus Gaming, KIM moved on to coach DAMWON Gaming (Currently DWG KIA), T1, and Bilibili Gaming before joining DRX.


In the 2022 LCK Spring Split, DRX had a bad start with a 3-game losing streak, but they rebounded and recorded two wins. DRX is ranked 6th in the standings with a 2-3 record.


DRX spoke about removing KIM from the roster on their stream. CEO Choi Sang-in said, "KIM has been removed from the roster temporarily. The contract hasn't been terminated and nothing is final. If the contract isn't terminated, there's a possibility that he could come back in the second round."


Choi Sang-in also talked about the team atmosphere. "The team atmosphere is good right now. Everyone's doing their best to win today's game. It's fortunate that Deft has good leadership. The players are doing their best to focus on today's game. You don't need to worry too much."


KIM also delivered his thoughts. KIM's agency, Shadow Corporation said, "It wasn't KIM's intent to be removed from the roster. The organization unilaterally notified KIM that he was removed. We're currently trying to find out the process."

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