Twitch prank gone wrong leaves Minx and Mia Malkova trapped in elevator at Envy House

Source: Minx

A Twitch prank went wrong at the Envy House on Thursday, leaving Twitch streamer Minx, adult actress Mia Malokova,  and house resident Castlehead stuck in an elevator for an extended period of time.


The incident reportedly occurred after the elevator was shut off via the control panel by a member of the Envy House as a "prank", but then it unexpectedly remained shut off until the manager of the building could come and fix it. Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident and it was resolved a short time period after.



During their time confined in the elevator, Minx continued to stream her experience, leading to some questioning whether it was a publicity stunt. The trapped internet personalities quickly experienced discomfort, as it became hotter in the stuck elevator and Molkava cited feeling claustrophobic as well. However, they made the most of the situation, including doing a brief sing-along at one point.



Eventually, the elevator was opened by building management, after which Andrea Botez can be heard yelling "Idiots, all of you." 



While this is the first recorded time that the Envy House elevator has trapped people, this is not the first time people at the Envy house have messed with the elevator, with multiple clips showing them jokingly using the emergency shut-off. So its pretty clear that they have already been playing with fire up until Thursdays incident.



The incident is a reminder that messing with dangerous equipment like elevators for a prank is a very bad idea, and can lead to someone getting stuck or even harmed in some cases.

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