LSB Croco: "I want to become a player that thinks objectively and leads the team solidly."


On Jan. 28, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Liiv SANDBOX collected their second win of the season by defeating KT Rolster 2-1. With the win, Liiv SANDBOX ended their 3-game losing streak. Jungler Kim “Croco” Dong-beom had a great performance in the match, aiding his team to victory.  He joined Inven for an interview after the match.



You’ve stopped your losing streak. How do you feel?


Our practice wasn’t very smooth, so I was quite worried, but I’m happy that we won because we each did our roles well.


It should have been really hard since you didn’t win a single game during your losing streak. 


We weren’t even able to take a single set, so our mentalities weren’t very positive. There was a bit of conflict during practice yesterday as well. We still overcame all that, and I’m happy that we won today.


How was the feedback after losing game 1?


Objectively, we played badly in the first game. Our coaches comforted us and tried to keep our hopes up, saying that we could still do well. I think we were able to overcome the situation because we all grasped onto our mentalities.


The comeback in game 2 laid the groundwork for the win. How was the team atmosphere after winning?


Just after the win, we were more relieved than happy. I told my teammates that we should keep this flow and win game 3 as well. It’s not me that usually makes the mood in our team — sometimes it’s me who spoils the mood. That’s all because I want to become a player that thinks objectively and leads the team solidly. But I really wanted to keep that good atmosphere after our win, so I think that’s why I behaved differently.


Irelia was a surprise pick in game 3. How did you prepare the draft?


Frankly, the team didn’t think Irelia was a good pick during practice. She’s a champion that’s only good in specific conditions, so we thought we might not be able to play her. But in game 3, Clozer, Dove, and I all agreed to play champions that we’re confident in playing. That’s how we ended up picking Irelia, Fiora, and Diana.


The jungle and support’s playmaking in game 3 really stood out. Who made the shotcalls?


It’s usually me who sets the direction and Kael follows me well. In game 3, that went out alright and we were able to take the initiative.


Weren’t you sad that you didn’t get voted as the POG?


I didn’t mind. I don’t think I’ll mind in the future as well. I only want to concentrate on winning. If we do win, I believe anyone in our team deserves to be the POG.


Who do you think contributed the most to today’s win?


Frankly, I think everyone played well. Compared to previous performances, I think Kael did the best. Overall, he improved the most.


You’ll be facing Hanwha Life Esports and OnFleek next. How do you think it’ll go?


The momentum is important. If our practice goes well, I think we’ll win 2-1. In the recent meta, junglers are affected a lot by the laners. Comparing our laners to Hanwha Life Esports’ laners, I don’t think we could dominate any lanes right now. That’s why I need to become a great playmaker. I want to make plays that help my teammates.


Any comments to the fans?


You should be tired of waiting for us to win as we kept losing. Now you can feel easier as you watch us play. We’ve laid the groundwork to improve, so please keep watching us through the process. Thank you for cheering for us.

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