NS Bdd: "T1 is the best team in the LCK right now. We were pounded a lot in scrims."


On Jan. 21, Nongshim RedForce defeated KT Rolster in the 2022 LCK Spring Split and placed themselves at 3rd in the standings. Although they lost the first game, they stayed focused and won games 2 and 3. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong had a great performance in the game, playing Corki, Viktor, and Akali. He sat with the media after the game for an interview.



You’re on a 3-game winning streak. How do you feel?


I was worried because my condition wasn’t that good. We won thanks to my teammates. I’m very happy that we won.


You would have experienced hell during game 1 since you were kicked around so much. Why do you think you lost game 1?


[Laughs] Our picks were scaling late-game picks. We thought we laid the groundwork well to scale, but when we made mistakes surrounding the Rift Herald and dragons, the game tilted.


There are several players on KT Rolster that you know well. How was it facing them?


I know the players’ playstyles well, but among them, I was aware of Rascal’s playstyle the most. He’s a great player that’s good at playing sidelanes and knows when he’s advantageous or not. In the game, I stayed aware of his play when I was farming on the sidelanes.


In game 2, you banned Sett and Lee Sin, but didn’t in game 3. What was the reason?


We were going for a composition that has a long range and those are included in a charging comp. If they had Sett or Lee Sin, it would have been hard to keep our position while fighting, so we decided to ban them. In game 3, we were going to pick champions that solve that problem like Akali or Alistar, so we didn’t ban them.


Your next opponent is T1. How do you think it’ll go?


I think T1 is the best team in the LCK right now. We were pounded a lot in scrims. Our scrim results aren’t that good, but our recent results are pretty good, and the quality of our practice is also good. Most of all, I think we get better in official games, so I believe we can win.


In the Asian Games to be held in September, esports will be an official event. Do you want to get on the national team?


All I’m thinking of is getting better so that I could be picked. If I were to be given the chance, I’d like to go.


Any last comments?


I’ll prepare for our next match well so that we can win.

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