Teddy on joining KDF: "When I saw the players, I thought they had potential... It was a team that could do well."


On Jan. 21, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, Kwangdong Freecs took down Liiv SANDBOX to collect their first win of the season. From the beginning, Kwangdong Freecs showed a stable performance to earn themselves the victory. After the match, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong joined the press room to talk to the media.



How do you feel about getting your first win after the move to Kwangdong Freecs?


I got my first win after three tries. It’s later than I thought, but I feel good because we won 2-0 today. It’s a relief for me.


The first two matches of the season were rather messy, and everyone underperformed. Even when you needed to deliver, you also fell. What was the problem during the first week?


To start off, we lacked details in the draft. The picks were one thing, and even in situations where we could have gone ahead, we weren’t able to do that. We also weren’t good at positioning the teamfights. Even now, our teamfights aren’t that good, so we need to improve that.


It would have been a massacre for you if you lost today. What did you discuss with your teammates and coaching staff before the match?


I would have been quite upset if we lost. It’s a relief that we won. Although today’s match was really important, we weren’t that nervous. The coaching staff kept telling us to play comfortably.


You chose to move to Kwangdong Freecs. Why did you choose to come here?


When I saw the players, I thought they had potential. I believed it was a team that could do well.


Except for Kiin, all of the members have changed. What’s your goal?


In the spring, I want to concentrate on building teamwork and team synergy. I want to build good teamwork first, and try to rise in the summer. If we get good results in the spring, that’s a bonus. Anyways, my goal is always to get many wins and win the championship. 


You discussed what went wrong in the first week. What would be the strengths of the team?


The biggest strength of our team is that our laners are strong in the laning phase. At least we have solid laning, the game doesn’t get blown up in the laning phase. Besides that, I’m not sure. We’ll need to practice more.


You picked Jinx in both games today. What was the reason?


Jinx is a good pick against Aphelios, so I picked her. I played Varus before, but it was difficult to prepare for teamfights and to position in teamfights. So we tried to have a solid frontline and hit with Jinx’s long range.


You shine more when you play hyper-carry ADCs. What do you think?


If I scale well on a hyper-carry, I think I play as much as I scaled. I agree that those kinds of ADCs suit me well. As for champions like Ashe or Jhin, I wasn’t that good, but now, I can play supporting bot champs well too.


You’re in a completely new environment in Kwangdong Freecs. Are you satisfied with the feedback and everything?


Up to now, everything is alright. All the players are working hard with the feedback and they’ve all been practicing hard with passion. The practice facility is great, the team house is awesome, and the food is delicious. I think it’s great. [Laughs]


Any last comments?


I joined Kwangdong Freecs this year. I believed the players and coaching staff have great potential. If we work hard and study hard, we can become a solid team. Although we lost the first two matches, we’ll be doing better, so please cheer for us. Thank you.


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