T1 Keria: "I used to be pressured by being called a "historic genius monster". But now, I think it’s kind of true."


On Jan. 14, T1 squeezed past Fredit BRION in the 2022 LCK Spring Split. It was a tough 2-1 win for T1, as all three games went on longer than 40 minutes. In today’s match, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok played Rakan, Nautilus, and Lulu to aid T1’s victory. After the match, he joined the press room for a brief interview.



How do you feel about the win?


I’m happy that we got two consecutive wins, but our performance was really bad in my standards. There’s a lot to reflect on today’s match.


All three games today were very long. What was the biggest reason?


From the draft, it seemed that Fredit BRION didn’t want to play a bot game. The picks in the bot lane weren’t that strong, and the top side wasn’t that strong either — there weren’t champions to snowball. That was probably why.


Fredit BRION’s seemed to be decisive and moved well around the Rift. What did you feel about them today?


From last year, Fredit BRION seemed to study well about countering and moving as a team. They had good synergy, and as much as they were capable of countering, it was difficult for us since we’re an aggressive team.


It’s your third year in the LCK already. What’s the most different from 2020 Keria to 2022 Keria?


In 2020, I used to do only what I was required to do. I wasn’t much help to the team. Now, I think more about how I could be of help to other laners and making shotcalls. I think I’ve become a player that could lead the team more.


Your nickname, “historic genius monster” keeps following you. Don’t you feel pressured? Do you think you’re 


At first, I didn’t have faith in my own prowess, and I used to be pressured by being called a "historic genius monster". But now, I think it’s kind of true. [Laughs] Honestly, I'm not a genius, but I am a monster. [Laughs]


You’re already recognized as one of the best supports in the world. Do you think you can improve more than now?


I’m never satisfied with myself. I always think all day about how I could become a better player. Unless I wander off or lose my concentration towards LoL, I think I’ll be able to continue to improve.


You were on the All-LCK first team in both splits last year. You should want to gain the same honor again this year as well.


I was voted on the first team three times up to now. Personally, I think I didn’t deserve it in two of those seasons. I got lucky. But now, looking at the supports this year, I think I’m the best support. I believe I can be voted on the first team this year for sure.


Currently, DWG KIA, Gen.G, and T1 are the favorites. Compared to the other two teams, what’s T1’s biggest strength?


Compared to DWG KIA and Gen.G… We have young players that are more aggressive and stylish. I think that’s our strength compared to them.


Any last comments?


I’d like to thank the fans at the site and those that are watching from home. Our performance today wouldn’t have been that positive for you. I’ll make sure we make improvements so that you could feel good every time you watch us.

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