Frosk harassed by gamers after discussing sexism in gaming on XPlay Live on G4

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G4 Host Frosk has apparently had enough of the sexism she experiences and decided to speak up about her frustrations during XPlay Live. And the gaming community has generally responded with anger. 


Frosk started by discussing some issues the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online community has with the multiplayer versus solo playing experience. But she said there was something a bit more pressing on her mind: Sexism. 


Frosk said she was excited to be a part of something she grew up watching as a child. But she noticed that every time G4 is brought up, even in their own YouTube channel, there are waves of backlash due to Frosk not being as "bangable" as previous female hosts. 


"It has somehow become acceptable that you can talk about how much you jerk off to a woman as a compliment," Frosk said. "It's dehumanizing and it's weird. Women do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you. Olivia Munn didn't exist to be nic on the eyes for you."



But Frosk explained that the sexism she experiences is not always blatant objectification. She pointed to moments of micro-aggressions, which can add up over time. One thing that continuously happens is people "flaming" Frosk for her game reviews but not her co-host Adam even though they are reading from the exact same script written by a team of writers behind the scenes. 


Said Frosk: "When you're in our DMs or YouTube comments, thinking I'm ruining your XPlay experience because you can't objectify me or saying I somehow ruin your experience but you can't quite put your finger on why even though I'm reading the exact same script as Adam, you are letting your unconscious biases ruin my day and you're gatekeeping the gaming space." 


Frosk ended her rant with this sentiment: It's 2022. Let's be nicer to people. 


"If you don't like it, don't watch it," Frosk added to a cheering audience. 

Gaming community responds to Frosk discussion of sexism in gaming

While the moment seemed genuine and powerful at the time, the gaming community reaction was very mixed. Some felt that Frosk was saying what needed to be said while others felt she was unhinged and generalizing gamers. Overall, male gamers were unhappy with the speech. 


YouTube videos responding to the moment had titles that include: 

  • Angry Feminist Has EPIC Meltdown Over Not Being Attractive
  • Frosk Couldn't Take the Heat and Says Male Gamers are Sexist
  • G4 Hates Its Fans — The Complete Meltdown of Frosk
  • Frosk Ends G4


It's clear that there is an outspoken group of gamers that were highly offended by Frosk's rant about her own experiences as a G4 host. Instead of discussing the possibility that women are objectified and sexualized to calculate their value, the gaming community decided to say Frosk was jealous of Olivia Munn. Instead of discussing the backlash Frosk receives compared to her male co-hosts, the gaming community decided to say that Frosk was ruining the show. 


Even on the official video of Frosk's speech that G4 shared on their own YouTube channel, one fan wrote: "She has just made a whole stream of abusive assumptions about her audience as she projects her own feelings of inadequacy onto others. She is also implying that she is literal perfection because the only possible reason to criticize her is because 'she ain't bangable.' What an absolutely deranged, hate-fueled meltdown of a rant. Game over G4. You're done." 


Another wrote: "This is so sad I really liked the content they did back in the day it was fun and entertaining. Morgan and Olivia did awesome jobs, they knew gaming and were very entertaining. How dare this woman attack them because they were attractive. They lost another one I`m out." 


Others called Frosk "unprofessional" while others said they felt "lectured" about something they weren't even doing. While the validity of some gamers' frustrations are valid, nobody is able to comment on Frosk's own experiences as a host either. Still, gamers have taken to Frosk's DMs to harass her about her take on sexism in gaming. 



Some fans have called Frosk brave for speaking up about the sexism she has continued to experience in the gaming space. Others questioned if the gaming community couldn't handle hearing the truth. But despite the support, Frosk is now experiencing immense backlash and harassment that can't be ignored. 

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