Logan Paul confirms that $3.5 million Pokemon case is fake, reveals what's inside


As Pokemon TCG experts predicted, Logan Paul's box of first-edition Pokemon card booster packs is fake. 


Back in December, Paul purchased what he called the "only" sealed case full of first-edition Pokemon card boxes. He spent $3.5 million, shocking the Pokemon community. Sick of the hype surrounding the TCG due to influencers like Paul, Pokemon TCG experts looked into the validity of the box and concluded that it was most likely a scam based on the behavior of the Pokemon card collectors throughout the deal and lack of Pokemon experts involved. 



As more and more publications discussed the validity of the box, Paul decided to open it in a recent YouTube video.


He had a top sports card expert take a look at the case again, who said that the tape was "aged" and wasn't recently made, as many Pokemon TCG pros stated previously based on incorrect codes. But right when the boxes inside were revealed, another guy asked why the wrapping was so "puffy." Everyone agreed that the boxes "don't look right." 


Upon taking the boxes out, everyone seemed completely distraught. It was clear that the case was fake. Even the boxes within were fake. Then inside the boxes were packs of G.I. Joe booster packs. 


"G.I. Joe, bro!? They could have been anything else!" Paul exclaimed in agony. 



This has become the biggest scam in the entire history of the Pokemon TCG. Paul said he was trying to "look at the bright side" but couldn't find anything positive to say. It wasn't just a bad move for Paul. It was also an unfortunate event to the Pokemon community. 


"I just went from 11 first edition boxes to five," Paul said. 


While the Pokemon TCG community dislikes Paul, the failed authentication system is what has really upset many collectors. Pokemon TCG collectors and players rely on authenticators to ensure that products are real and worth the money. Most people are hoping that whoever scammed Paul and all those before him on eBay is caught. 


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