Smash community reacts to most controversial tier list yet


Smash commentator TKBreezy is known for making controversial tier lists that shy away from the usual skill-based topics. His most recent tier list was all about how fighters on the Smash roster deal with COVID-19. 


Initially discussed on a Twitch stream, TKBreezy then shared the complete list on Twitter, where the Smash community started discussing the controversial tier list. While some were based on aesthetics, like Joker wearing his mask wrong or Metaknight wearing a mask before it was mandated, some were more debatable. 


Source: TKBreezy


Fans questioned why Mewtwo, the most intelligent being in the Pokemon world, would hold a purposeful super spread event. But TKBreezy pointed out that in Pokemon lore, Mewtwo has openly hated humans and would most definitely want them infected. 


TKBreezy also had Bowser listed as a super spreader. But Nintendo responded that Bowser cares about his family and Peach too much to give them COVID. Others wondered why Pac-Man was a super spreader, seeing as he is also a hero and family man. One fan even called him a "noble man." 



Mario was said to be too lazy to get vaxxed  but one fan said Mario is an "upstanding citizen." Terry was put under the category "just be safe, bro," but one fan wanted him moved to "follows CDC guidelines." Terry is a hometown hero and often seen as a role model. A lot of kids look up to Terry, the fan noted. 


"I see him wearing his mask and encouraging them to wear one," the Terry fan said. 


On the other hand, TKBreezy had Wii Fit Trainer under "follows CDC guidelines" but many felt they may use alternative medicine. Another Smash player pointed out that the male Wii Fit Trainer may claim he is immune to COVID-19 because he is "built different." 



But many also agreed with TKBreezy's takes. 


Everyone agreed that Dark Samus would be "patient zero," possibly even making the virus stronger than ever. TKBreezy put some of the less human and innocent fighters in a category that reflects that they don't know what the heck COVID even is. One person completely agreed that Kirby belonged there, saying he knows no concept of danger. Another added: "What's a virus to a God?"

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