Pro player and LCK caster Wadid admits to account sharing, self-suspends all activities

Image via Wadid's official Twitter

On Jan. 6 via Instagram, Kim “Wadid” Bae-in admitted to account sharing — a Terms of Use violation considered especially serious in South Korea. It’s an act that not only gets the game account permanently banned, but it can also have serious ramifications when trying to pursue a career in LoL Esports.


It all started when a number-based nickname appeared on Wadid's chat during one of his streams. He verbally stated that he doesn’t know the user, and even revealed the account that’s linked to the Riot Partnership Program. However, a detailed look into the match history revealed that Wadid indeed played with an account that has the same name as the numbered nickname user in his chat, something the player later admitted himself.


On his Instagram page, Wadid wrote:


“I’m here to admit that I have shared an account with a close friend of mine. It’s a fact that only I knew, and have lied about it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to all those that have been affected by my actions.


I tried to cover the sky with my hands. I was too afraid to admit my wrongdoings. I’m sorry. I’ll take responsibility and suspend my official activities.”


Currently, Wadid is a pro player who is also part of the casting talent in both LCK and LCK Global. The LCK has yet to provide a statement on his status. The story is developing.

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