Zeri revealed as newest League of Legends champion

▲ Zeri, the spark of Zaun. Image via Riot Games


If 157 champions in League of Legends weren't enough, Riot Games unveiled number 158 on Tuesday afternoon.


Zeri, a brand new ADC, was announced in a post on the game's official website and, according to her bio, has a story with deep ties to the streets of Zaun.


"Raised in a large working-class family, Zeri grew up surrounded by warmth, care, and many strong opinions. They were no strangers to hardship, having lost loved ones to Zaun’s dangers. Even so, their community was their strength. From birth, Zeri had a unique relationship with electricity. Each giggle caught a spark—each cry, a shock. Magic wasn’t rare in Zaun, but Zeri’s electric charm was."


Her backstory goes on to explain the origins of her rifle, the volatility of the electricity she wields, and how it is the strength of her family, friends, and community that help fuel her journey forward.


On the game's website, Zeri is listed as a marksman which makes sense given the 2022 roadmap that the development team put together that mentioned an ADC coming in the near future.


According to the roadmap:


"We’ll have an electrifying start to 2022 with a brand new bot lane marksman who has been charging up and is rearing to finally get on the Rift. We wanted to create a kinetic marksman who’s always on the move, pulsing with sparky determination. A champ who plays the game at a machine gun pace and brings the feeling of a shooter game to the roster. We also really wanted to explore more unique basic attack concepts in League. Marksmen are auto-attack champions by nature, and we’ve experimented with altered autos in the past with champs like Graves, Xayah, and Jhin. For this new champ, we wanted to re-explore the role of the basic attack in a marksman champion’s kit and see if we could completely turn its purpose around. I’m getting amped just thinking about it, and if you are as well, get ready for a hyper new champion very early next year."


With her kit hidden for now, it's unknown as to how the development team pieced her kit together to bring that vision to life. But what is know is that it will be...electrifying.

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