Asmongold on NFTs and the Metaverse: "The main people that are pushing the idea of the Metaverse are the corporate overlords"


Asmongold had some harsh words for Square Enix after the game company praised NFTs in a New Year's statement. 


From Life is Strange to Final Fantasy XIV: Online, Square Enix has continued to make a wide variety of successful games — Asmongold has even praised Final Fantasy XIV in the past, switching to the new MMORPG after being frustrated with World of Warcraft. But Asmongold is still questioning the company's decision to dive deeper into the world of NFTs. 


NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Most NFTs are currently digital artwork, including avatars that can be used on various social media platforms. Many esports companies have been getting into NFTs, with fans entering raffles to get rarer art that's worth more money. But the value of NFTs is questionable since the prices are often based on demand and not a real market value. 


It looks like Square Enix is hoping to get in on the trend, declaring 2021 as "Metaverse and NFTs: Year One." Asmongold decided to read the company's letter while streaming on his secondary channel, warning his viewers to not get sucked into "the Metaverse," which Asmongold claimed was just "corporate overlords" looking to take away chunks of people's personal lives to better control customers. 


Asmongold told fans that most regular people are not talking a bout the Metaverse at all. 


Said Asmongold: “Do not fall victim to this language. Do not be taken advantage of. This is something that’s being pushed from the top-down, this is something many people don’t give a f--k about.”


Asmongold continues to hate on NFTs

Asmongold continued his rant, turning his attention to NFTs. While he said he found the idea "interesting," the current things being produced "are not." He compared the current digital art to a printer that's just printing out a sheet of paper with a banana on it.


Asmongold is most likely referring to the popularity of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which featured poorly drawn and generic images of apes wearing different clothing that people purchased to use as avatars. 


This is something Asmongold ridiculed in the past. After complaining about the concept of the monkey pictures, Asmongold jokingly screenshot someone's avatar and then said, "Check mate, dipsh-t," attempting to prove how stupid the concept of NFT art is. It was met with mixed reactions from the gaming community. 



Asmongold is clearly not a fan of NFTs or the Metaverse and is frustrated at companies trying to push these ideas to younger people. This includes Square Enix attempting to capitalize on the idea of the Metaverse. 

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