Twitch streamer ItsSliker banned for showing "explicit" clips from Amouranth documentary

Source: Slicker/Twitch

Twitch streamer ItsSliker, who formerly worked as a content creator for Team liquid, was banned from Twitch on Saturday, for showing "accidental nudity or explicit sex content."


The ban followed watching clips from a VICE documentary about fellow streamer Amouranth, who is known for her suggestive content but is also allowed to consistently stream on Twitch without many issues from the platform. The ban took place during a stream ironically titled "better year trust me."



While it is not confirmed that the content of the VICE documentary about Amouranth was the cause for the ban, it is seemingly the only culprit that could match with the nudity and sexual content reasoning that Twitch provided in their ban email.


That documentary features interviews with Amouranth and focuses primarily on her streaming content, which Twitch has deemed predominantly acceptable, but apparently is too explicit for other streamers to show. This gap in reasoning has caused many to question Twitch's consistency when it comes to bannable content.


Amouranth has been banned numerous times from the platform, but she remains monetized and has not faced any permanent consequences for her edgy and at times suggestive content. This is Sliker's first ban from Twitch, and it is unclear how long it might last, though it is unlikely to last more than a few days if past accidental nudity bans are anything to judge by.

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