Steel City LAN party will be held on April 22nd in Pittsburgh with INVEN Global




Steel City LAN party will be held in the first and only PC bang in Pittsburgh on April 22nd. The two gamers behind this initiative are Rob Leonyx and James O’Connor.

There is also an esports competition between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University at the Steel City LAN Party, from 12:00 pm until 2:00 am. The competition will feature various games such as LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, Heartstone and Super Smash Bros, with the LoL finals being scheduled for 7:00 pm. Who will emerge victorous - UPitt or CMU? Find out this Saturday.

INVEN Global will sponsor this event, and provide t-shirts, pizzas, and sandwiches as well as prize support.


Who is Rob "Leonyx" Lee and James O’Connor?

Rob "Leonyx" Lee is a North American show host and eSports personality. After briefly participating in Beta, he didn’t re-enter the League scene until the end of season two, but quickly climbed the ranks to the top .01% of all players. After finishing college, he had a short career hosting live-streamed talk shows for Mundoverse & Azubu. Concurrently, Leonyx had been mentored by former G4’s Attack of the Show! host and TV personality, Kevin Pereira. Afterwards, he joined SK Gaming to build their North American content and presence in the region as a host for Rift Rant and interviewer for post NA LCS games. Since joining the scene, Leonyx has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge on the game as well as the professional scene of eSports. He is now the General Manager of the team known as Misfits.

James O’Connor meanwhile has been in gaming for fifteen years, is a marine Corps veteran and has been a champion player for CS:GO.


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