"I AM ESPORTS!": Thorin goes on unhinged Twitter rant following reveal of ESL all-female CSGO circuit


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster and personality Thorin has continued his rant against ESL's all-female circuit on Twitter and it's getting weird. 


When GGForAll was first announced at the start of the week, Semmler called the all-female program toxic and accused ESL of "discrimination" against men. The esports community largely condemned the commentator but Semmler had a lot of supporters, including Thorin. 


Thorin's Twitter tantrum was quite shocking to the esports community as he continuously blocked random women in the esports industry, unblocked them to randomly quote tweet them with an insult, and then blocked them again. He tweeted that women in the esports industry weren't willing to address actual points and were blindly hating on people for being cis men.  


But as the days went on, Thorin's tweets became even more unhinged and strange. He started tweeting on December 28, 2021 that women in esports were telling white men they "can't have an opinion" on the all-female circuit. Thorin then stated that only "future sex offender male feminists" wanted to help women's causes in esports while "talented and prolific individuals" in the industry don't want to support them. 


Thorin then tweeted: "Tell you what, you do that cute thing where you tell me to get out of the industry I built and still rests on my f--king shoulders. I AM ESPORTS." 


Thorin's seemingly endless rant triggered by the announcement of the all-female CSGO tournament has been quite baffling. While stating his disdain for the all-female CSGO tournament is already a bit concerning, it would have just been seen as an unfortunate opinion harbored by many in the esports community. But harassing women in the esports industry all over Twitter and continuing to rant about his hatred for feminism and all-female events has become a shocking sega in esports' short history. 


The esports community was quick to mock Thorin's weird rhetoric. Esports' Wikipedia entry has already been edited to include that it's "also known as Thorin." And many people have spoken up about the offensive display on Twitter. But it should be noted that Thorin has faced no career-based consequences from leaders in the esports community. 



While Thorin's breakdown has been a negative outcome of ESL's all-female event, the esports community has overall supported the GGForAll initiative. Women have faced an abundance of sexism and backlash in the world of gaming for years, whether it's in-game toxicity or industry leaders harassing female-identifying individuals or women not being offered the same opportunities professionally. These events provide a safe space for women to participate in a competitive environment away from people on Thorin who targets women he doesn't agree with online. 

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