The best TFT comps for Patch 11.24 in Set 6


Rejoice, all you haters of Innovators, as that comp and Seraphine herself were gutted in Patch 11.24 along with Katarina. However, Assassin comps are still alive and well in this patch with a new primary carry. There has also been a brand new apex predator of a comp built around Galio, that is on the border of usurping some of the top-tier comps. As to which one is the best, highest-success comp, that’s where this tier list comes in.


Whether it’s a high-value comp like those built around Jinx or the recently-nerfed Jayce or a slow roll on Shaco, Malzahar, or Kog’Maw, finding the optimal comp is situational. With the Hextech Augments and itemization changes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for climbing but a tier list such as this is a fantastic way to spell out the best options.


The best TFT comps in Set 6, Patch 11.24

S Tier
Jayce (Enchanter Enforcer) Jinx (Scrap Enforcer)
Vi (Scrap Sister)  
A Tier
Galio (Colossus Enchanter) Yone (Academy Enchanter)
Viktor (Chemtech Scholar) Lissandra (Chemtech Scholar)
B Tier

Viktor (Academy Scholar) Shaco (Syndicate Assassin)
Akali (Syndicate Assassin) Urgot (Chemtech Bruiser)
Katarina (Academy Assassin) Jhin (Enchanter Clockwork)
Dr Mundo (Chemtech Bruiser) Malzahar (Chemtech Mutant)
  Orianna (Innovator Enchanter) Fiora (Challenger Enchanter)
  Kog'Maw (Chemtech Mutant) Cho'Gath (Chemtech Mutant)
  Lux (Academy Enchanter) Vex (Arcanist Yordle)
  Kai'Sa (Mutant Challenger) Tahm Kench (Mutant Bruiser)

Colossus/Enchanter Galio

When Set 6 dropped, who would have thought that crit/attack speed Galio would be the flavor of the meta? Here we are, though, with the so-called “Thunderclap Galio” among the strongest comps in Teamfight Tactics. Patch 11.24 buffed Sion and, even though it did nerf Galio’s attack damage, he is still in a state that he can be an impressive carry.


As far as itemization goes, those Galio items are the number one priority. Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Infinity Edge are the critical pieces, along with some form of a defensive item (Titan’s Resolve being the ideal choice). Any other defensive choices are ideally placed on Sion (or maybe Blitzcrank) and AP items are for Seraphine. There’s no need to slow roll or re-roll any of these units, getting 2-star Galio and Sion should be more than enough to round out this comp.

Chemtech/Scholar Viktor

Viktor remains one of the more powerful 5-cost carries in Teamfight Tactics. Even though neither Chemtechs nor Scholars are among the most powerful traits in the game, they still have a ton of strong synergy by providing their comps with some strong frontlines as well as innate mana regen. This is especially important for Viktor, as his mana costs are some of the highest in the game.


The beauty of this comp is that there are units for just about every item you might get. Those AP and mana items, of course, are best suited for Viktor, but you have Mundo for tank items and Urgot for AD and attack speed items. This comp can also be transitioned into a Lissandra carry comp should you manage to hit 3-stars with her. In any case, she (or another Arcanist like Lux or Malzahar) should be the ones holding those AP and mana items until you find Viktor late game.

Syndicate/Assassin Shaco

Katarina may have dropped out of the top of the meta, but Assassin Shaco has no qualms about taking her spot at the top of the meta. The itemization may be completely different from Katarina, as well as incorporating the Syndicate trait (which takes its first steps out of the shadows in Set 6), but the comp is just as potent. Crit items are still a must-have for Shaco and Akali, but attack speed items from the Killer Clown are also going a long way.


This comp does have a bit of a flavor-of-the-month feel to it, so it could inevitably fall out of favor once Shaco gets (predictably) nerfed. Don’t get too attached to this comp for now, but be sure to abuse it while it’s strong.

Innovator/Enchanter Orianna

Now that Seraphine has had her legs cut out from under her a bit, thanks to the nerfs in Patch 11.24, Orianna takes center stage in this comp. Her Shockwave ultimate is quite powerful, even compared to Seraphine’s ult, and its massive AoE spread makes her one of the best users of Morellonomicon in TFT. 


This isn’t really a comp that scales from the early game, with the exception of Heimerdinger who can hold (almost) all of the same items Orianna wants. Lux is another unit that can hold these items until you get Orianna, though she can easily slot into this comp if you swap Taric for Vex (or if you land an Arcanist emblem).


Finally, even though Jayce got slapped with some nerfs that don’t make him the Uber-destroyer of the frontline carries, he’s still plenty strong enough to be your frontline tank, especially when he has Enchanters pocket healing him. Keep those tank items on a Singed or another tank just to hold until you can transition those items over to Jayce and watch him shred the enemy’s tanks.

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