T1 Keria on working with Bengi: "I'm looking forward to learning from him".

The LCK Awards took place on Dec. 13th and celebrated many of the great achievements in the LCK.  Player representatives from each team were present at the ceremony, and Inven Global had a chance to have a quick conversation with T1’s support player, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok.


How does it feel to be at the LCK Awards?


I always wished there would be an awards show like this, so it’s incredibly meaningful that I’m attending the LCK Awards tonight. It feels good to be here.



We always see you in a T1 uniform, but tonight, you’ve suited up quite well.


This is actually my first time wearing a suit! People have been complimenting me on how I look throughout the night, and I actually thought it’d be uncomfortable wearing it, but I feel really comfortable in it!



Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong as the coach for T1’s main roster in 2021. How does it feel to be working with a legendary player like him, and tell me what kind of a person he is.


Due to our streaming schedules during this time of the year, we didn’t properly start practicing together just yet. That’s why I haven’t really had long discussions with him yet, so I haven’t really gotten to know him yet. However, I’ve always watched him and admired him as ‘Beng “The Jungle God” Gi’; even beyond that title, I’m looking forward to learning from him.



With the LCK rosters now set, is there a roster that you think is either interesting and/or strong?


To be honest, I think that all LCK teams have done a great job rebuilding their roster for 2022, so it’s hard for me to say which team’s going to definitely excel. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how DRX will perform because I think there’s a lot of potential in their Top, Jungle and Mid. Also in recent years, ‘Deft’ was not able to perform at his fullest due to being paired with rookie Supports, but now that he’s paired with ‘BeryL’, I think the duo will really bloom this year.



Where do you see T1 in the standings in the next year?


It’s hard to say because we haven’t really started to approach the meta, but I expect us to be near the top of the standings. Our goal however, isn’t ‘near’; it’s the ‘top’.



There’s quite a bit of chatter online about you’re a huge fan of the K-pop girl group ‘Aespa’. There’s also been speculation that you were spotted at their fan meet recently. Can you break down some of the myths surrounding that chatter?


I uh… I’m not like a stan or anything like that… I… haven’t experienced much outside of League of Legends, so I had a lot of curiosities, and uh… Yes I like them. [Laughter] I’m uh… very interested in them. As for the fan meet, I really wanted to go, but I unfortunately had to send ‘iKeria’ instead of me [laughter].

Image source: @aespa_official


Lastly, tell us some of the goals for yourself and the team for 2022.


As a team, we definitely hope to become champions, but as for myself, I hope to play better than I did last year, and have my name remembered as a great Support player!

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