BDO Pre-Awakening Tamer Leveling Guide (Level 1-55)

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 전우치 [Jeonwoochi]



▣ What Is a Tamer?

Up to level 56, Tamer is specialized in high dodge rate and agile movement using short swords. Her frisky combat style has some hefty damage to back it up (I wish). At least that was the original design goal. Her viability now is below average due to repeated nerfs and outcries from other classes. That said, she’s still about average among Pre-Awakening classes.

▣ Recommended Skill Build

I’ve picked Pre-Awakening skills to use up until level 56 because skill reset is free before that point. Reset your skills prior to hitting level 56 and get the points back from Whiplash and Roaring. Your mileage may vary, but I think those two skills are rarely used after Awakening, considering the point investment required. Like I said, reset at 55 before you reach 56.

▣ Skill Specialization

Skill specialization comes down to personal preferences. It’s best to go with one that suits your style. Remember that you can always change it by spending a Memory Fragment. You’ll find my personal recommendation above, but you can go with any order you like. For instance, it’s fine to prioritize either Flash or Bolt/Jolt Wave.

What I specifically want to suggest you take are Bolt/Jolt Wave’s attack speed and Flash’s SP regeneration. Bolt/Jolt Wave is a staple skill even after Awakening and its effectiveness relies heavily on attack speed. Once you add an additional 4-5% attack speed with a yellow Alchemy Stone, the total attack speed efficiency rivals the previous 15% version of the skill specialization. Suffice it to say that attack speed is your essential specialization.

You can aggro about 14 monsters with Tamer’s Black Wolf, and you’ll end up using much less mana potions if you have Flash’s mana regen. Since Tamers are rather mana hungry, it’s a good specialization to pick up.

▣ How to Level

Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll be around level 10. From that point, follow up on the Black Spirit and yellow quests. Only pick and choose the necessary quest chains. With that, you won’t have too much trouble getting to 50. The problem is when you hit 50. Granted, there are still quests available, but you’ll encounter instances where there are none.

If you started out with no gear, I would recommend grinding Mansha Forest, Rhutum Outstation, and Catfishman Camp at around 50. Those three grinding spots have easy enough monsters up until 55 and monsters get knocked down by the Tamer’s ability. Grind these spots to farm money and ready yourself for Awakening.

If have some +15 armors and weapons, use the aforementioned three spots to hit 51-52 and head to the Mediah areas. I wouldn’t recommend Sausan Garrison because it’s often very crowded and highly contested. Instead, go to any of these places: Wandering Rogue Den, Manes Hideout, Helms Post, or Elric Shrine(Canyon of Corruption). Spend your node points on whichever spot you like the most, but I’d personally like to recommend Wandering Rogue Den and Elric Shrine(Canyon of Corruption). If you think those areas are too tough for you, go to Manes Hideout or Helms Post. Grind to your heart’s content and save up money until Awakening.

▣ Recommended Gear

If you started out with no gear:

Main weapon: Kaia Short Sword(my choice), +15 Yuria Shortsword, +15 Krea Shortsword, +15 Rosar Shortsword
Secondary weapon: +7 Needle Trinket
Helmet: +5 Helmet of Hercules' Might
Top: +5 Strength Armor of Heve
Gloves: +5 Strength Gloves of Heve
Shoes: +5 Shoes of Hercules' Might
Rings: A pair of Rings of Sealed Magical Power
Earrings: A pair of Earrings of Sealed Magical Power
Belt: Bares Belt
Necklace: Bares Necklace

Increase weight limit and invest in AP over DP to maximize grinding efficiency before you get to Mediah.

From Mediah to Awakening:

Main weapon: +15 Yuria Shortsword, +15 Rosar Shortsword
Secondary weapon: +15 Needle Trinket
Awakening weapon: +15 Practice Celestial Bo Staff
Helmet: +15 Grunil Helmet
Top: +15 Grunil Armor
Gloves: +15 Grunil Gloves
Shoes: +15 Grunil Shoes
Rings: Pri - A pair of Red Coral Rings
Earrings: A pair of Red Coral Earrings or a pair of Earrings of Sealed Magical Power
Belt: Pri - Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
Necklace: Pri - Bares Necklace, Duo – Bares Necklace

You’ll need +15 armor for the Mediah grinding spots. Maximize grinding efficiency by prioritizing AP with other items. If you haven’t paid for weight limit, it’s okay to replace two Grunil sets with +15 Hercules’ Might. It’s also okay to use the Jarette set if you have it, but I would advise you to use the gear listed above.

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