Mew2King opens up about mental struggles at Smash World Tour Championships


Mew2King had a tough time at the Smash World Tour Championships. The Melee God didn't attempt to hide it, opening up on Twitter throughout the event about his broken glasses, ripped up fingers, and getting used to new controllers. Through it all, Mew2King also struggled with toxic comments about his performance, which wasn't up to par with his usual showing. 


Now, Mew2King has decided to open up about "how his brain works" in a TwitLonger, further explaining what he went through during that difficult weekend. Mew2King is no stranger to being open and honest with the Smash community, often revealing information about his Aspergers and depression. 



In his recent TwitLonger, Mew2King explained that he was "iffy" about entering Melee singles at SWT. But he committed to going once he reached his 2K sub goal on Twitch, which honestly surprised the Melee professional since he had struggled to grow his streaming presence in the past. 


"I was iffy on my feelings on this whole scenario with SWT [...] because I had not played in competitions for years (alongside mental blocks and brain distractions and sad thoughts that I always have to deal with)," Mew2King said. He linked to a video that outlines his daily struggles with mental health. 


The video was first posted in 2020 when multiple Smash players were being accused of assault and grooming. Someone had attempted to accuse Mew2King of masturbating on stream forcing Mew2King to reveal painful medical issues that would make this physically impossible. At the time, the Smash community rallied to support Mew2King, applauding him for his honesty and his ability to remain positive. 


Mew2King explained that he has always been overly ambitious, entering multiple games at a tournament (and usually placing in most of them). At recent tournaments, however, this has seemed to slip him up, causing him to perform poorly in Melee. So before Smash World Tour, Mew2King stopped streaming and coaching Ultimate to focus on Melee. This gave him a week of practice in total. 


"Unfortunately, however, the controller I was practicing on changed drastically over that time, and it degraded to the point where I would have to choose to forfeit either ledge dash on one of the ledges, or shield drops, (as well as degrading pivots) which is a really bad handicap that I decided wasn't worth it,' Mew2King continued. "These issues developed to a pretty bad level about two days before the event, so I decided to gamble making the decision to switch to the Goomwave controller I had sent to me months ago, which I liked a lot the exact moment I first received it, since I believed that would be a safer investment." 




Continued Mew2King: "The issue is it's so different that it's hard to fight against the old muscle memory from playing other controllers so long, for thousands of hours on different vanilla controllers training the same thing which wasn't quite as easy of a ledge drop as this. My hands might often revert back to the old muscle memory trained on it by instinct when faced with a high-pressure tournament situation. This whole controller thing is really annoying but I guess that's technically always been the case with the game."


Mew2King concluded that switching to the Goomwave controller just before the event was a "mistake." This created inconsistent in-game movements and caused Mew2King to have a lack of confidence. Still, it was hard for him to predict what the right choice would have been going into Smash World Tour. 


"Throughout the whole tournament, I had extremely shaky confidence both in myself (#1 reason alongside mental stuff), in my controller (it's scary to switch them mid-tournament since recent muscle memory is a thing), in my hands, and I feel I played very poorly (compared to my average/peaks) the entire tournament overall (except slightly less bad vs Jflex which is the only set i didn't care about winning ironically)," Mew2King said. 


Other pros also told Mew2King that this wasn't how he usually plays. He felt it was due to a lack of self-esteem and other mental blocks. He felt that he was "not thinking" about the matches at all and was less focused than he used to be. Overall, Mew2King didn't feel he was able to focus enough at Smash World Tour and was making bad decisions due to a lack of confidence. 

Said Mew2King about his overall life, even outside of Melee: "Basically, I have a lot of secret struggles I'm often fighting against often (well most days I usually can do things fine but I've still had a lot of days in my life where things are more difficult than they should be), and some types of mindsets/circumstances/environments/situations/etc. can bring it out to much greater degrees and frequencies than others. It's hard to believe I was able to do all the things I did in my life, since I've always had to deal with this and many other issues/handicaps for much of the second half of my life, and I feel I would have done more if I didn't have these things. I've always been carried by a combination of high intelligence at things interesting to me (always had for some reason) and working hard (well in the past I did) but been nerfed by many various other things."


Mew2King concluded that he is very critical of himself and also likes to analyze the reason behind everything. For him, it was easier to explain all of his inner thoughts on a TwitLonger instead of attempting to talk about it. His long discussion was met with support from his followers who told him to ignore all the haters and mean comments about his performance. 



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