Technoblade almost loses arm after cancer diagnosis

Source: YouTube

Minecraft content creator and streamer Technoblade has provided an update on his cancer.



In the video — one that he states he had to edit in a wheelchair with only one arm —  Technoblade shared a recent story of how his arm was almost amputated. After receiving radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatments in preparation for a surgery to remove his cancerous tumor, the Minecraft streamer received news from his radiation therapist.


"...I actually just had a meeting with your surgeon, and we've been going over the post-embolization scan" stated Technoblade, quoting his therapist. "And we've determined that the cells dying off have caused the tumor to swell dangerously, and we need to cancel all treament and amputate your right arm next week. And it might be too late."


Technoblade later had the surgery, removing several muscles from his body, as well as his right clavicle bone. The surgery was a success, with him stating, "I now have 99.9% less cancer than I used to."


They did not end up having to amputate his arm. Technoblade explained the news as the reason for his lack of content on his YouTube channel, as well as his absence from the MC Championship All-Stars. Despite the difficult news, Technoblade appeared to be in good-spirits throughout the video. 


Technoblade is one of the largest and fastest-growing gaming content creators in the world. His YouTube channel has amassed almost 10 million subscribers, as well as having more than three million Twitter followers.


Technoblade originally revealed his health issue after being diagnosed with cancer this year on Aug. 2. He originally visited the doctor after experiencing soreness in his arm, which was determined to be caused by a tumor.  The Minecraft community has continued to support him on social media throughout his battle. 

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