UR2SLOW indefinitely banned after Smash Ultimate community accuses him of transphobia

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The South Florida Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene has been shaken up after one of its top players, Sebastian "UR2SLOW" SanFilippo, was accused of transphobia by several other Florida players. 


Tournament organizer and coach Geoffrey "Aerodusk" Tirrell tweeted that UR2SLOW was receiving an indefinite ban from competitions in Florida. UR2SLOW will be able to appeal the ban come January 1st, 2023 but there is no guarantee that the decision will be overturned. 


Wrote Aerodusk: "UR2SLOW has displayed transphobic behavior by using slurs that have been proven via evidence from Mystearica and self-admittance. As far as the screenshots go, this behavior began as far back as 2019 and has continued up to the posting of this document. This is unacceptable behavior and along with the fact that the slur was used as recently as yesterday shows this is common behavior and UR2SLOW will need time to work on themselves before re-entering the community."



The screenshots were gathered by multiple Smash players from the region, including LizardKing, TheSilverbackSenpai, Zoo, Riku, DGK, and members of the LGTBQ+ community. Mystearicaa shared the screenshots on their Twitter account, calling UR2SLOW "violently transphobic." 


The screenshots shared by Mystearicaa show UR2SLOW constantly using the word "tranny," mocking trans individuals for their sex lives and identity. In further screenshots from other Smash players, UR2SLOW could be seen making fun of people for dating trans people or for supporting trans rights. 


UR2SLOW responds to transphobia allegations

In response to the accusations, UR2SLOW released an apology to his followers. 



In the TwitLonger, UR2SLOW said that he has "no ill will" towards the trans community or LGBTQ+ people. He explained that he has "no good reason" to feel negatively towards this community. The screenshots, UR2SLOW added, were just instances of him "being dumb" and acting foolish. 


"I want to apologize to Mystearicaa. You are doing something that makes you happy, and you are with someone that makes you happy. I have no right to speak harshly of that and be rude. You called me out on my awful behavior, and I have nothing but respect for that. I can only hope that you understand that I never tried to emotionally harm you or your partner in any way, and I will promise to you personally that I will keep your name out of my mouth if I have nothing good to say about you," UR2SLOW said. 


UR2SLOW then apologized to the trans community and its allies at large. He said that the words were not acceptable regardless of the context, calling his behavior "disgusting." 


Said UR2SLOW: "I know I can’t just say I don’t feel this way, I must prove it to you all with my actions. And I will. I want to be the best person I can be. And that starts by being respectful of others and being my best for others. What I've said about your community is not acceptable, and if any of you would ever like to discuss this with me or talk to me about what I can do to make it better for you guys, my DMs are open to all of you and I’m willing to listen. I will do my best to learn from you all." 


UR2SLOW said he had no intentions to hide or lie about his behavior. Apparently, UR2SLOW had made some inappropriate tweets when the accusations first surfaced, which he has since deleted. He said they were made in "bad taste." UR2SLOW said that he will "never forget this feeling" and hopes to never "be that person again." 

Concluded UR2SLOW: "I wasn’t the person I needed to be. I was and am something that I can only be ashamed of. I will be better. Thank you all for giving me a chance to be part of such a passionate community. I will make sure that all of this was to construct a better person in me."


The Smash community wasn't too sympathetic after UR2SLOW released his apology. Many pointed out that he seemed to blame his behavior on the group he was a part of, claiming he was unaware that his words were harmful. But screenshots from Twitter users showed that people had asked him to stop using "tranny" multiple times. 



The LGBTQ+ community thanked Aerodusk for his quick actions, stating that they did not feel comfortable competing at a tournament with UR2SLOW present. UR2SLOW has not made any further comments on the situation since releasing the TwitLonger. 

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