Wemade Unveils MMORPG ‘MIR4’ Global Character NFT

The following was sent to Inven Global via Press Release

Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG ‘MIR4’ officially introduced the character NFT(Non-Fungible Token) on 21 Dec.


Users spend a lot of time and energy to build up their characters; now their ownership of powerful characters can be verified, and a character can be recognized as a unique asset. MMORPG players’ dream of truly owning their characters has finally come true.


Characters whose level and power exceed 60 and 100k, respectively, can be made into NFT. Character NFT can be saved as a card to be owned or traded.


Details such as spec and items of NFT-ized character can be checked on XDRACO website. NFT Market in WEMIX Wallet supports easy and safe trade.


‘MIR4’ has built an economy system based on the utility coin DRACO, and launched DSP(DRACO Staking Program) for obtaining game items, an item exchange EXD(Exchange By DRACO), and limited NFT items ‘Collectibles’ so far.


Darksteel shop supports stable supply of DRACO and boost of demand; an item auction AXD(Auction By DRACO) will be launched in English auction(E-AXD) and Dutch auction(D-AXD). Feb 2022 will see the start of smelting DeFi-only Token HYDRA(High Yield of DRACO) and the launch of HSP101(HYDRA Staking Program 1on1), where DRACO is given as yield.


“An economy system complete with game coin DRACO, NFT, and DeFi will evolve and grow continuously,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “Based on WEMIX, the key currency in the gaming world, Wemade aims to bring the innovation of metaverse which will connect the economy locked in games with the outside world.”

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