How to Build Epheria Sailboat, The Personal Trading Boat in BDO

The Epheria Sailboat can be only built in a level 3 shipyard, and you can use sailors to enhance different stats.

It needs a massive amount of materials as the sailboat is on a whole other level compared to any existing fishing boat, ferry, or raft. The amount of pine plywood and timber squares needed for construction ranges from 600 to 1500 at maximum.

Also, the construction is only available after 20 days at least, given that you are not participating in anything else besides the daily quest given by Falasi. Even if you have constantly saved up other materials, you still need 20 designs to construct the ship. You can obtain one design from the daily quest in Epheria, meaning that you will need to eventually complete 20 daily quests.


Do the quest, and gather the designs

You obviously need to gather the materials first if you ever wish to attempt to build this sailboat. The materials you need for the construction are 20 Design: Epheria Sailboat, 800 Standardized Timber Squares, 600 Steel, 1500 Pine Plywood, and 300 Flax Fabric.

Here’s the breakdown of the required materials:

20 Design: Epheria Sailboat
600 steel [3000 coal + 15000 iron ore]
300 flax fabric [15000 flax]
800 standardized timber square [80000 logs]

Note that the amount of raw materials above are just theoretical, under assumption that you only produce one item per input. The number can be reduced significantly due to varying results from processing, with the range of 1~4 products per one input given that your processing level is at Artisan. So-called “critical hits for processing” further reduce the potential amount of required materials because it allows players to produce upper tier items. For example, you can sometimes get standardized timber square straight from chopping logs, although the chance is low.

You need to speak to Philaberto Falasi in Epheria and get the daily quest that will offer Design: Epheria Sailboat. The quest requires a player to take a crate and deliver it to Sebastian on the docks twice.

The quest itself is quite simple and can be done swiftly, but it will take 20 days as the quest is available only once a day for one family. The quest does not require amity and is obtainable if the character is level 11.

▲ You can receive a daily quest that offers a sailboat design from Philaberto
▲ All you need to do is deliver a crate from Philaberto to Sebastian at the docks
▲ Deliver twice and you would receive a design from Philaberto


There is also the one time questline in Epheria that allows you to obtain up to 3 additional Designs. After you reach level 55, you can start the quest by talking to Pavino Greko, the storage keeper in Epheria, and the quest can be seen on the recommended quest list.

The questline begins from ‘I Knew This Day Would Come’ and consists of more than 20 quests. You get one design from each of the following quests along the consecutive questline; ‘Dream Crushed by Cox Pirates’, ‘Grotesque Trench’, and ‘Completed Map, Toward the Ancient Shrine’.

Not only does the questline provide the sailboat designs, it also offers Margoria’s AdventurerⅠCompass, Golden Dagger, Gold Ingot, and other various items, so it would be worth it to try out if you have a character higher than level 55. However, you need to either prepare some items that enhance swimming speed or take a ferry, as the quests require players to sail the sea.

▲ You can get a questline from Pavino Greko, the storage keeper in Epheria
▲ The questline provides 3 desgins in total


Materials other than the design are obtainable by gathering or sending workers to the nodes. With the standardized timber square, you can process the log twice to have one timber square. You get the usable scantling when you chop the log under processing, and you get the standardized timber square when you chop the usable scantling.

Unlike other materials such as steel, pine plywood, and flax fabric, you can only obtain standardized timber squares when you manually gather the wood, hence the process requires a lot of time. You can purchase logs and timber squares from the marketplace if you can spare silver, but chances are that it would be much faster to just chop the trees yourself.

With pine plywood, you can get it by processing pine timbers. The process goes: pine plank from pine timbers by chopping, and a pine plywood from pine planks. You can get timber by cutting them down manually or sending some workers, and the nodes that provide timbers are the Serendia Shrine and Marie Cave. It is recommended to do both manual logging and using workers together since the required amount of timber is massive.

If you are looking to cut down some logs yourself, it would be wise to visit the area where you can gather pine timber as well. The place is southwest of Calpheon; the area around Calpheon Castle and the road on the way to Trent to be exact. You can also find a handful of pine timber around the Castle Ruins.

▲ Consider southwest of Calpheon and Castle Ruins for pine timber
▲ Use workers at the nodes of pine timber around the Serendia Shrine and Marie Cave


The iron ore and flax which are used for steel and flax fabric can be also obtained by manual gathering and using workers. However, it is wise to use workers for this type of materials.

You can gather iron ore at a number of nodes such as Coastal Cave, Coastal Cliff, Northern Heidel Quarry, Southern Cienaga, Hexe Stone Wall, Abandoned Iron Mine, Bashim Base, Pilgrim’s Haven, and Crescent Mountains, and flax at Costa Farm, Moretti Plantation, and Kamasylve Temple.

As you can only gather logs by manually cutting them down, it is wise to use energy on manual logging and use workers for iron ore and flax. If you are lacking contribution points and cannot connect all nodes, it is efficient to connect the nodes around Serendia and Glish.

▲ Gather iron ore and flax by sending workers to areas nearby Serendia


And start building

You can start building a boat at a leased shipyard once you have gathered all the necessary materials. The sailboat can be built at the level 3 shipyard located at the second floor of Epheria 3-5.

You will need as many workers as you can spare to shorten the building time as the required amount of materials is massive and the number of processes is over 3000. You need to send more workers from other cities such as Calpheon if you have a shortage.

▲ Send workers as soon as you gather enough materials


It would be good to get a sailor while the construction is still on progress. You can get sailors from named worker NPCs in Calpheon by working on amity. There are 4 out of 7 amity workers that offer the sailor contract. The following list depicts the name and effect of each sailor upon initial acquirement:

Berocchio - Braking +1%
Bravant - Speed +1%
Tarte - Acceleration +1%
Khaora - Turn +1%

▲ Some of amity workers in Calpheon sell sailor contracts (source: 영원한무지개; Eternal Rainbow)



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