JackSepticEye tests positive for COVID, possibly exposed OTV streamers

Source: Jacksepticeye/YouTube

Popular Twitch streamer Jacksepticeye announced on Thursday that he tested positive for COVID-19, on his final day in Los Angeles.

The positive test comes after he attended the Game Awards and did a Thankmas segment with OfflineTV personalities Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, and LilyPichu, meaning he may have exposed them to the virus unknowingly. He also spent time with Valkyrae and other influencers during his time in LA. The OTV house and Rae have all reportedly taken rapid tests and tested negative, according to comments Rae made on her stream.


While so far none of the possibly exposed streamers have announced positive tests for COVID-19, and JackSepticEye said that his partner Gab Smolders has tested negative for now, the more accurate PCR tests take several days to get results. So it is still possible that some of the streamers who spent time with Jack while he was in LA could still test positive for the virus.


There was an outpouring of support from the Twitch community for Jack, as he begins his fight with the virus. 


The new positive test comes as a surge of COVID is happening across the US, driven by both the Delta variant and the new Omicron variant, which has proven to be quite contagious. Despite the rise in COVID cases, events like the Game Awards have proceeded, serving as potential events for the spread of the virus.


We will update this story as we learn new information.



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