IShowSpeed banned after threatening sexual violence on Adin Ross stream

Source: IShowSpeed

TW: Sexual Violence

IShowSpeed confirmed on Tuesday that he has officially been banned by Twitch, following his appearance on Adin Ross's "E-Date" show, wherein he harassed and threatened to sexually assault Ross's guest Ashaley "Ash Kash" over the weekend.


According to his Twitter post, he was banned for "sexual coercion or intimidation."




Adin Ross stream sparks outrage after IShowSpeed threatens to sexually assault guest


During Ross's stream over the weekend, IShowSpeed used his "e-date" with Ash to set up a rape joke, in which he proceeded to threaten her with rape. After he carried with his rape joke for 30+ seconds, Ross eventually cut him off. Speed later returned unexpectedly later in the show, going on a violent, slur-filled rant against Ash.

While Twitch didn't take any immediate action, the outrage over the incident continued to boil for the past few days, eventually prompting the platform to take action against Speed, who has made similar rape jokes in the past on streams and has also made multiple references to rape in his music.


While Speed is facing action, Ross, the host of the stream, has not faced any disciplinary action as of writing this article. It is unclear how long speed will remain banned, but given the severity of his infraction, he may be banned from the platform for a long time to come.

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