Valkyrae in disbelief after receiving anonymous 200k charitable donation

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter was left stunned over the weekend after she received a $200,000 anonymous donation to Sean "JackSepticEye" McLoughlin's Thankmas charity drive that she was fundraising for. The drive was in support of New Story, a charity dedicated to addressing homelessness around the world.


"WHAT? What? What? no. What? Where? What happened," Valkyrae responded, as the donation rolled in. "There is no way. Is that real? It's anonymous? Why is it anonymous?. . . Anonymous donated $200,000! . . . How do you have $200,000 to donate? That's crazy! What the heck?"



The donation came with the message: "Happy birthday, huge fan! Thanks for building homes, which means a lot to me. Also, you need to raise your goal!” 


The streamer teared up as the weight of the donation set in, saying, "Is that real? That's so nice!. . . Thank you! Every $10,000 is a home, so that is literally 20 homes. Wait did I math that right?"


The donation was confirmed to be real by the Director of Community Experience at Tilitfy later in the stream. The donation came in the first 30-minute of what turned out to be an 8+ hour stream. Valkyrae's goal was $200,000, so the donation instantly pushed her over the threshold. She ended up raising her goal to 300k and raising a total of $306,701, 2nd only to JackSepticeye himself, who raised $5.4 million USD for the charity. 



The Thankmas charity drive is a charity initiative to raise $10 million USD to provide homes to 1,000 families. The event took place on December 11th, and ended up raising a combined $7.4 million USD across more than 20 creators who took part in the drive for New Story. Septiceye also donated $150,000 USD of his own money, according to the Thankmas Tiltify page. Other influencers like Pewdiepie, Lazarbeam, Alex Jenkins, and more, also donated large sums of money to the project.


JackSepticEye has made a name for himself as an online philanthropist over the past several years, with the streamer and content creator raising millions in funds for numerous charities including Save The Children, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, St. Judes, and many more. This year's drive to build new homes with New Story was one of his largest to date.

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