7 times items led to hype moments during Smash Summit 12's crew battles

Smash Summit 12 started with a fun twist on normal crew battles: Items on and all tournament legal stages banned. The four crews, lead by Mang0, IBDW, Zain and Leffen, each got to draft three items and also ban three stages.  With items on medium drop rate, the frequency isn't too much to overwhelm but just enough to keep the games light-hearted.

The Smash community has long ago decided that items are not a part of competitive play, but it is interesting to see the top players in the world use them in a competitive setting. Beyond the Summits' Twitch audience enjoyed the change of pace and the exhibition serves as a function warm-up for everyone.

Here are my favorite item moments from Smash Summit 12's crew battles! It's hard to pick a favorite, but the invisible Pikachu nightmare edge guard is near the top.

1. KoDoRin Wobbuffet combo

2. Sora + heavy box vs. Zain

3. Pipsqueak Proximity mines spacing

4. Tyler Swift Invisible edge guard

5. Sfat and Ginger vs. one bomb

6. Fox fan combo extension

7. Charizard wombo combo


You can watch Smash Summit through this Sunday on Twitch.tv/btssmash

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