Sakurai is not done with Super Smash Bros., discusses future of the series


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai opened up about the hard work put into the latest Smash title as well as what he sees in the series' future in a recent interview. 


While speaking to The Verge, Sakurai admitted how hard it was to work on Ultimate. With an immense roster, huge soundtrack, and plenty of stages, Ultimate was a huge undertaking for Sakurai. He revealed that most of the work had fallen on him during the game's development and continuous updates over the past three years. 


"Fans are paying extra for these additional characters, so we tell ourselves that we need to strive and do our best to deliver content that is more than worthy. Given that, adding one piece of DLC fighter and their accompanying stages, music, and other content proved to be a greater challenge than adding one piece of content in the base game," Sakurai stated. 


Despite the stress, Sakurai stated that he didn't regret any of it. Ultimate is "like no other," Sakurai said. Still, Sakurai has been enjoying his time off. He has had the chance to take a few drives, one of his goals now that he's not working on Smash all day and night. He even rode a horse. 



But Sakurai is a known workaholic who can't seem to leave the series alone. When The Verge asked him what the future of Smash would look like, Sakurai no longer stated that a sequel was out of the question. Now, Sakurai seemed fond of the idea, although there would need to be some changes. 


"I think we’ve reached the limit, at least in terms of volume of content and fighters. Basically, if I were to have the opportunity to work on another Super Smash Bros. game, that means we would have to shrink the roster, but we need to think about whether fans would be pleased about that," Sakurai explained. 


Sakurai also noted that the first game relied heavily on his vision. He said that "too much" of his personality was poured into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A long-time series would need to break away from his vision, at least a little. 



Sakurai said: "Of course, this is the way it is now because we weren’t successful in splitting the vision between multiple people before. This would be a challenge for the future and something that needs to be discussed with Nintendo, if there were to be a next installment in the Super Smash Bros. series."


Most Smash fans are not surprised to hear that another Smash game is a possibility. Most were skeptical that Ultimate was going to end. After all, the game has a few years left in it until the next Nintendo system is launched. Others felt that another game would most likely follow the new system's announcement. 

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