Valkyrae claims leaked DMs with Ludwig caused RFLCT shutdown

Streamer and Co-owner of 100 Thieves Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter revealed on Ludwig Ahgren's stream over the weekend that it was Atrioc's leak of the DMs between her and Ludwig that ultimately drove the removal of the embattled beauty brand RFLCT from over 400 stores.


"That is why they pulled out of 400 stores, because of that leak," Valkyrae told Ludwig on Sunday. "That is the reason why. Originally, they were going to still proceed regardless, but because of that leak, that is why everything was removed. Which was kind of a blessing in disguise honestly."


Ludwig responded, "So Atrioc caused it to be pulled out of 400 stores?"


To which Valkyrae responded, while laughing, "Yeah!"



Valkyrae explained that she could only reveal limited information about the fallout from the RFLCT situation, telling Ludwig that she can still be sued at any time, so she needs to be careful about what she says.


In the leaks mentioned above, Valkyrae expressed her frustration with the brand's refusal to let her share the research backing the product with the public and explained to Ludwig that she wanted out of the contract. Additionally, she made fun of the RFLCT team's response to her leaving her contract and revealed that Ulta invested $4 million USD into the product.  


Valkyrae came under massive fire in October, after the RFLCT beauty product line was revealed. RFLCT touted its ability to protect your skin from the "harms of blue light exposure." Many people, including various experts, criticized the brand for claiming that blue light causes significant damage to skin over time without presenting convincing evidence to back that claim. Valkyrae was listed as a co-founder of the product, leading to much of the backlash focusing on her. 


Valkyrae officially separated from the brand in early November, shortly after the DMs mentioned above were leaked. Following her announcement that she left RFLCT, the company pulled the products from 400 stores without explanation. Valkyrae's revelation over the weekend gives us a small glimpse into why the products were pulled following her departure.

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