Sony Senior VP let go after video shows him meeting up with a minor for sex

Source: People v. Preds


Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President George Cacioppo has been terminated after he was accused of being involved with a pedophile ring. 


Cacioppo has worked closely with the PlayStation Store since 2013 but Sony has removed him from the company after a video was released showing Cacioppo engaging in pedophilia. The video was posted by People v. Preds, a vigilante group that publicly shames men they have caught attempting to solicit sex from minors.


In the video, People v. Preds stated that one of their members had pretended to be a 15-year-old boy and contacted Cacioppo online. In response, Cacioppo had invited the teenager to his home, making it clear that sex was his intention. The conversation happened on Grindr, where Cacioppo was using the name "Jeff." 


In the video, a member of People v. Preds goes to Cacioppo's house. He answers the door wearing a PlayStation 5 t-shirt. When the group member reveals what is actually happening and that Cacioppo is being filmed, he quickly closes the door on them. 



"Hey, what's up Jeff? How's it going? Who are you out here to meet tonight, Jeff? Jeff, we can have a conversation or I can call the cops," the member says. "I have your face on video, you f--king scumbag! I'm calling the cops! You invited a 15-year-old kid over to have sex! Excuse me everybody, this guy is inviting over a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him tonight!" 


The People v. Preds continues to antagonize Cacioppo, demanding him to come outside and "have a conversation." The former PlayStation employee refused to come back outside, prompting the group to call the police. 


The People v. Preds team shared alleged screenshots of the conversation between Cacioppo and the fake teenager, including a selfie where he can be seen wearing the same PlayStation shirt that's in the video. 


"We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment," a Sony representative stated shortly after the video was posted. 


People v. Preds has admitted that the police often don't work with "cyber groups" like them, which is why they bring the information to the internet instead. It's unclear what happened after the police were called since the video ends shortly after.

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