KT Rolster Smeb: “Last year, I won against KT; this year, I’ll be winning for KT”

▲ KT Rolster won against Samsung Galaxy (Image from OGN).

SKT T1, you are next! KT Rolster coming through to the finals!

On April 15th (KST), KT Rolster made to the finals after winning a perfect victory by 3-0 against Samsung Galaxy in 2017 League of Legends LCK Spring Split Playoffs.

KT has shown overpowering lead from the lane phase in each set, improving their macromanagement after mid game they were once criticized for; they were able to grasp the victory with suitable hit-and-run strategy during teamfights and great skill combos. They surprised the audience with their amazing performances that seem to have improved remarkably after the regular season.

In midst of Deft being selected as MVP in Game 1 and 3 and Score in Game 2, the anticipation is building up as fans are wondering whether KT’s winning streak in the playoffs will continue to next week in the match against SKT T1.

Hyukkyu ‘Deft’ Kim, who has been chosen as MVP twice for his outstanding gameplay, commented that he was, “sorry that he couldn’t play as well as he should have in the second round-robin ,” and that he will make up to it by continuing their playoff winning streak. He also mentioned that it felt like he was, “possessed by Seungbin ‘Imp’ Gu,” regarding his aggressive plays during the whole match. We were able to witness his true modesty when he also mentioned that he got lucky with critical strikes when bursting four opponents with Wonseok ‘PawN’ Heo in the moment Baron was about to be taken by Samsung, after they lost a team fight in Game 3.

▲ Deft’s great game play that overturned the game in the 3rd set.

Sehyung "Mata" Cho, who took a part in taking a lead in the bot lane with Deft, said: “I had a nightmare on the day before the match, but I am so glad that we won 3-0” about their promotion to the finals, and expressed his desire for victory against SKT T1, whom they lost to in the same match last year.

Kyungho "Smeb" Song, who won against KT last year, commented that he was, “sorry for Score and will win for the team’s sake” regarding their promotion to the finals. He overwhelmed Seongjin "CuVee" Lee in the top lane by playing Rumble and Kennen for all three games, and pointed out that “both champions have no weak matchups unless strong ganking junglers such as Elise can help the opponent top laner."

▲ Smeb, who once won against KT, and now aims to win for KT.


PawN has also shown outstanding play against Minho "Crown" Lee, MVP from the regular season. He commented that going for Zhonya’s Hourglass instead of Lich Bane for his second core worked out well for him, and since opponent mid laner and jungler have been acclaimed of playing better, he focused on staying away from falling into their tricks.

Finally, Score, who has shown great game plays against Samsung’s jungler, Haru, commented that, he wanted to thank his teammates for making it to the finals despite not doing well at the end of the regular season.

Regarding the memes that portray him as the guy always in second place, he commented that he thinks they are “funny jokes, but people won’t be able to use these memes next week,” and finished the interview with, “We haven’t been able to show great game performance for our fans since Spring Split, though we will be showing better gameplays upon this season. We will win the finals and hope for your support.”

▲ Will Score finally be victorious?

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