How to use Tents in Fornite Chapter 3 Flipped

Fortnite Chapter 3 dropped is now live, and brought with it the new ability to set up a camp using a Loot Tent.


With the Loot Tent item, you can now pitch a tent in a match to heal or stash items for future matches. The tent mechanics bring new meaning to casual exploratory matches by allowing you to invest equipment into your future matches.

How to use tents in Fortnite Chapter 3

Loot Tents can be found on the Fortnite map, and then equipped like any item in your inventory.


Once activated, you will place your tent down and your teammates will be able to pitch their own tent using yours.  Now that you have your tent, you can place items there. Those items can be accessed by your teammates and more importantly be saved for future matches.


You can only store two items in your tent by default, with the ability to rent more space using gold bars. You can lock your tent as well, to prevent enemies from taking your stuff. You can stash items across game modes, though items that are not valid in some game modes will not be accessible from the tent.


Tents also allow you to rest in them. This will offer you a relatively low-profile way to heal and hide. There is a small audio cue that can allow enemy players to discover you, so be aware of that.


The addition of the Tent system is a small, but relevant adjustment to the Fortnite gameplay loop. You can now save some items for later, setting up a loadout in a similar fashion to what you might find in Warzone. The new system is by no means required for players to use, but it will likely benefit those who do choose to use it.

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