"They took me down:" Ludwig suspended during YouTube livestream

Source: Ludwig

Ludwig had his Thursday livestream suspended by YouTube on Thursday for copyright infringement, while 25,000+ fans were watching. The ban came only three days after he made the jump to YouTube Gaming from Twitch.


The YouTube player stated "Stream Unavailable, stream suspended for policy violations" over the black screen during the stream. According to Ludwig's explanation, he accidentally played a few moments of Babyshark, which was apparently enough for a DMCA claim to come through.


"It's my third day on YouTube, and I got banned from streaming," He explained. "Which is funny, that is kind of funny. . . I was trying to look at the top 50 vintage YouTube videos of all time. . . along the way, I ended up listening to a few seconds of Baby Shark.  I don't dare listen to another second of it, for the love of god. I am pretty sure the overlords who own Baby Shark have like an iron fist on YouTube. And so they took me down."


The entire stream no longer available for viewership, it has either been deleted or privated since writing this article.  Given YouTube's significant recent investment in the streamer, it is very likely that this DMCA suspension is no big deal in the long run.



Ludwig took the hiccup well, meming on the temporary suspension on Twitter, saying "you could say the switch has been going well..." Other streamers also joined in on the meme, including Valkyrae, TimTheTatman, and Jonsandman, among others.


Ludwig signed with YouTube exclusively on November 29th, leaving Twitch after streaming there for years. The streamer is known for being the most-subbed to Twitch streamer of all time, following his 31-day subathon that took place earlier this year. He is the latest streamer to make the jump from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, joining big names like TimTheTatman, CouRage, Dr. Lupo, and Valkyrae, all of whom have also made the leap.


Update: This article has been updated to reflect new information that has become available 



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