Inven KR Reactions from semifinals of 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs (Live Updates)

Samsung Galaxy vs KT Rolster

Game 1

▲ "I'll prove I'm worthy of the crown."
▲ "I've actually been crowned champions."
▲ "Is Score following in the YellOw's footsteps?"
▲ "Deft in his natural habitat."


▲ "KT beating SSG which beat SKT 2-0. KT>SKT>SSG confirmed guys!"


Game 2

▲ "MVP could have played better than this."
▲ "Smeb made a quick work of CuVee's Jajangmyeon."
▲ "Words could not describe the beauty of this teamfight."
▲ ????: "I told you Lucian was garbage."
▲ "Samsung needs me..."


Game 3

▲ "How to bulldoze towers fast."
▲ "Dat magic pixel is the best CC."


▲ "Dead man running."


▲ "A home run for KT."
▲ "I approve."
▲ ??????: "I'm proud of you, Score."
▲ "Turn it off, man. Anyone up for more shots?"

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