The Panda Controller is officially on Kickstarter, going for $90

Source: Panda Global


Panda Esports hinted at a controller earlier in 2021 and has just officially announced its arrival. The Panda Controller is now available to order on Kickstarter. The controller is aimed at Super Smash Bros. players, addressing a lot of the issues competitive players have with other options. 


What is the Panda Controller?

Panda Global launched a Kickstarter for a new controller designed for competitive fighting games designed by the organization's PGhardware. The $90 controller's Kickstarter campaign will run until December 30th, offering accessories and customization options. 



While the majority of the Smash community "swears  by the superiority of the GameCube controller," Panda Esports stated in a press release, the Panda Controller addresses a lot of the hardware drawbacks of the older controller. PGhardware worked on the new controller from scratch for over 2.5 years, providing players with a custom-made stick "for longevity and accuracy" and two brand new back buttons for comfortable grip. Triggers also have a "unique dial mechanism" to customize their height. 


The Panda Controller has a focus on customization, attempting to fit every players' distinct needs. This doesn't mean color changes but detailed button and sizing options to make the controller the perfect fit for every competitive player. 


“We knew what we were getting into when we started this project. The GameCube controller enthusiast is the most critical of any controller group in the world and their standards of excellence are the absolute highest. We spent an incredible amount of work trying to evolve not just the GameCube controller but the controller game as a whole, and the world has never seen a controller like the Panda Controller,” said Dr. Alan Bunnéy, CEO of Panda Global. “Whether you want a high-class and affordable controller out of the box or you want to customize the controller to make it perfect for you, the Panda Controller can do it all.“


Who are PGhardware at Panda Esports?

PGhardware was the team that created the Panda Controller from scratch. They are a division of Panda Entertainment, "founded to solve problems in [...] competitive gaming communities."


PGhardware created the Ultimate GameCube Adaptor in 2019, a product that was funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours, raising over $150,000. To date, the unit has been sold tens of thousands of times, allowing players to use the GameCube controller while playing Nintendo Switch on the go. 

“I have never worked with a group of people who are anywhere near as passionate about what they do as Panda,” said Matt Samperi, President of PGhardware. “Every single challenge that came up during the development of this controller was met with the drive to create a high quality product and positive experience for the community. I'm very excited to see where that passion and drive takes us in the future.”

The Panda Controller currently has a goal of $100,000. It's already at over $570,000 and going up every few seconds thanks to over 4,456 backers. Back the project yourself here to secure a Panda Controller of your own. 

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