Arcane's Silco to be included in Teamfight Tactics with Set 6.5


Arcane's main antagonist, Silco, will make an appearance in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) with Set 6.5, Riot Korea announced Wednesday. Silco will be the first non-League of Legends champion to be introduced to TFT, although "more outsiders may join in the future. Maybe even from outside Runeterra." 

"Since Silco is the first non-LoL champion, he came with different challenges and opportunities during development," Riot Korea write. "Porting LoL champions into TFT was originally quite a lot of work, but since Silco isn't being added to League of Legends, we had to start developing from scratch."


In Riot Games' Netflix series Arcane, Silco is the main antagonist, an activist and a revolutionary, fighting for the independence of the Nation of Zaun — Piltover's darker, poorer counterpart. Silco's character arc is intimately connected with those of Jinx and Vi, Arcane's main protagonists, as we see him influence their character growth.


Getting out-of-game characters into actual games is an interesting new initiative from Riot. If the company really enriches TFT with more than just Runeterra characters (Runeterra being the world of League of Legends), it could mean potentially VALORANT agents... and who knows what else. 

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