Black Desert Online: Skill Build Guide for Witch Newbies (and possibly Wizards before Pre-Awakening)

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 술마시는

This guide is for a Pre-Awakening Skill Build for both Wizards and Witch newbies.

Pre-Awakening Low Level Stage


Basic Attack: Deal damage as you move and gather mobs

Fireball I: Simply use this skill.

Lightning Chain I: The best skill for killing low-leveled monsters.

Lightning I: For narrow AoE.

Dagger Stab I: For killing elite monsters.

Use these skills when grinding in low-level areas.

Pre-Awakening Mid-High Level Stage


Afterwards, you can learn combo skills and the order of skill mastery is:

Residual Lightning: This skill is perfect as it has massive damage for Pre-Awakening Witch and AoE with Bound.

- Fireball Explosion: This is a main skill for use after Fireball. You can use it in combo with Residual Lightning if you put it in a quick slot.

- Lightning Storm: Worst AoE and hitbox. Only use it when other skills are on cooldown and you have no other options.

- Blizzard: Gives as much burst damage in total as Awakening Skills do when hit at maximum. There aren’t many grind spots to use this skill. It always gets canceled in Sausan Garrison.

- Meteor Shower: This skill has an amazing skill effect and AoE, but deals little damage.

- Lightning: When using Black Spirit’s Rage, this skill shows amazing burst damage with a forward guard effect, so you can use it at Sausan Garrison.

Sage’s Memory, Magic Power Boost, and Multiple Magic Arrows can also be used.

It’s crucial that you learn skills with no ranks right away whenever you have the chance.

Multiple Magic Arrows: Skill for killing trivial monsters. Put it in the quickslots and keep pressing it (It eats up a lot of MP though, so watch out for that).

For those who are wondering when you should learn Speed Spell, Magic Lighthouse, Healing Aura, Magical Shield, and Teleport, and how many skill points to use for that particular skill build, I’d just say it’s entirely up to you.

For those who want burst damage, then it’s best to prioritize skills that deal more damage, and for those who want safe and secure grinding, then go for the heals and Magical Shield. For those who want utility and speed, then they should go for Speed Spell and Teleport.

There won’t be enough skill points in the Pre-Awakening Stage, so you can’t learn every skill you want whenever you level.

If you are wondering if Mind Training is any good (it's a passive skill that increases casting speed), I’d say it’s good to learn anything if you can. But I am certain that there won’t be anyone who will have skill points left to learn this skill in the Pre-Awakening Stage.

It’s better to increase your casting speed by 5 with Magic Crystals (There are a lot of cheap ones).

As for me, my skill specialization was focused mostly on PvE damage. There’s no wrong answer to this, so go for whatever you feel like having. You have many choices, from PvE damage to HP & MP regeneration and movement speed.

Skill Point Distribution after Awakening


After Awakening, you’ll receive a respec once you complete the quest. Distribute the skill points as much as you can on every Awakening skill, including all skills with ‘Flow’ in their name, except Aad Sphera Training.

After that, there are many people who are unsure what to do with the remaining skill points. The Skill Build list below is for PvE grinding users. Most important skills go on top, and gradually less important skills go towards bottom. For those who are ready to PvP, you probably don’t need any help in that stage.

: Infinite Mastery, Skilled Hunter, and Magic Power Boost

1st: Teleport, Healing Aura

Helps make up for the lack of mobility and no need for any potions when grinding.

2nd: Magic Lighthouse, Healing Lighthouse

Helps with aggro and gathering mobs together, also keeps you at full health.

3rd: Speed Spell, Spellbound Heart

Gives mobility to the Wizard and Witch, and provides a little MP (This helps a lot when grinding World Bosses).

4th: Sage’s Memory, Protected Area, Magical Shield

A great help in tight spots. It’s especially helpful when grinding World Bosses, although they’re not much use in normal grinding. So let’s just save them for Elites.

5th: Mind Training, Aad Sphera Training, Paralysis

You won’t be using them much, but it still moves up the casting speed for Pre-Awakening skills.
Also, skill specialization is all up to you, although I chose to build mainly for PvE damage. There are many things to consider about Pre-Awakening if you are thinking about PvP, but as for grinding, you don’t really need to learn them.

Important Skill Combos and AoE for grinding


- Lvl 56: Equilibrium Break + Fissure Wave

- Lvl 57: Same as lvl 56

Detonative Flow: For air bound, long AoE, but little damage.

Equilibrium Break: As there is forward guard, you can safely deal damage. Even the cooldown is short, although it’s not so good in wide grinding spots due to its narrow and short AoE. It’s more near to melee attack, and there’s bound to it.

Fissure Wave: The AoE of the Flow seems to be long, but the wave itself is short. However, the AoE is decent and deals good damage, all due to the Flow so it’s the best not to use it when your Flow is on cooldown. It has a knockback and paralysis effect, so it’s good to use against melee monsters. Its only fault is that geographical altitude difference often prevents proper hit on target.

- Lvl 58: 57+Thunder Storm

Thunder Storm: If you learn Flow, the skill will be Awakened. First off, great AoE, and when there’s damage with 100% Critical Hit Rate, this skill becomes monstrous. However, its AoE is quite ambiguous, so you’d better not use it on monsters that are laid out in front and back. Make sure you use it when the monsters are laid out left and right.

- Lvl 59: 58 + Yoke of Ordeal

Yoke of Ordeal: As you keep using it, the total damage will surpass your wildest imagination.
Compared to Thunder Storm, this skill is good against monsters laid out in the front and back, though it’s not efficient to use in wide grinding spots where monsters are spread out away from each other. Because its channeling time takes awhile, it will be inefficient to use it unless it’s in grinding spots with a certain level of difficulty. It’s a good skill to use in hard-level grinding spots. The skill grants you forward guard.

- Lvl 60: 59 + Voltaic Pulse

Voltaic Pulse: Its only fault is that it has a small AoE, but once you learn its Flow, you’ll be able to make up for that with a short cooldown, AoE around you in every direction, and decent damage, along with super armor and bound. It has good compatibility with Equilibrium Break. You don’t necessarily have to gather the mobs together to use this skill on them.

As I already said, there’s no one right answer to this, so use the skills you think you need for each grinding spot.

ex) Kuit Islands, Bashim Base: Equilibrium Break, Voltaic Pulse
Naga, Sausan Garrison: Fissure Wave, Thunder Storm

Thank you for reading. I wish you good luck! :D

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