The best TFT comps for Patch 11.23 in Set 6

The first patch of TFT Set 6 is now live, giving new comps the opportunity to shine. Even though the standard, high-cost comps (Jinx, Jayce, Lux) are still ruling the top of the tier list, Scrap, Innovators, and Challengers have begun to peek their way into the meta. In particular, comps around Vex and Vi are starting to get more attention. Of course, that Vex comp is really a Viegar comp, as slow-rolling Yordles to get Viegar can be almost an instant win (though getting there isn’t always easy).


In general, the TFT meta is still ruled by 4 and 5-cost units as carries, but not all the high-cost carries are automatic wins. Champions like Kai’Sa and Akali are struggling in their best comps compared to their counterparts. Meanwhile, slow-rolling units like Garen, Vex, Vi, Heimerdinger, and Katarina are much more viable. Of course, the comp of the patch seems to be a variant of the Chemtech/Bruiser comp, centered around Urgot as the main carry, but it doesn’t fare quite as well as most players think. Let’s break down the best comps of Patch 11.23 that players can use to climb.

The best TFT comps in Set 6, Patch 11.23

Best TFT comps in Set 6, Patch 11.22

S Tier
Viktor (Academy Scholar) Jayce (Enchanter Enforcer)
Yone (Academy Enchanter) Jinx (Scrap Enforcer)
Lux (Academy Enchanter) Dr Mundo (Chemtech Scholar)
Orianna (Innovator Enchanter)  
A Tier
Jhin (Enchanter Clockwork) Lissandra (Chemtech Scholar)
Seraphine (Innovator Socialite)  
B Tier

Tahm Kench (Mutant Bruiser) Fiora (Challenger Enchanter)
Vex (Arcanist Yordle) Vi (Scrap Sister)
Galio (Colossus Enchanter) Garen (Academy Mutant)
Malzahar (Chemtech Mutant) Twitch (Checmtech Assassin)

Scrap/Enforcer Jinx

Also known as the high-value Jinx comp, this comp is all about having 4 and 5-cost units (other than Vi, who is just super powerful right now). The Jinx comp is all about getting to Level 8 as fast as possible and rolling to get those 5-cost units. To get there, you can lean on a Twinshot/Mercenary comp to accelerate gold early and hold the items until you hit on Jinx or Jayce. 


Another early game comp option would be to go for Scrap/Snipers around Ezreal/Trundle. If you manage to accidentally slow roll Trundle/Vi/Ezreal, you can, of course, just stick with that for the early game, but if not it’s an easy sell-off to pass items to your high cost items in the late game. Itemization is quite easy, as even though the Jeweled Gauntlet/Infinity Edge combo is best for Jinx she can do fine with AD items like Hand of Justice, Deathblade, or Bloodthirster. Tank items, of course, can go on Jayce or Tahm Kench.

Challenger/Academy Yone

Melee carries haven’t fared quite as well as their ranged counterparts in Set 6, but Yone has stood out as one of the stronger melees. This Challenger comp amps Yone’s attack speed to the max to allow him to just wreck the opponent’s front lines. Just about any attack speed or crit item will work on Yone, but the key for this comp is that you have to get at least one (ideally two) Guardian Angels for Yone and Fiora. 


If you do manage to stack up AP or mana items, Fiora is a fantastic user for them. Defensive items might be appealing on Braum, but they’re actually ideal for Leona. She’s such a stalwart frontliner and she can tank so much damage, that having a Sunfire Cape, Bramble Vest, and/or Redemption on her is massive for killing frontline.

Enchanter/Clockwork Jhin

Another scaling comp that works better as you get into the later game, this Jhin comp is primarily based around Enchanters keeping your carries like Jhin upright all game. Getting a Redemption for Braum and/or Leona only helps in that objective. And, for Jhin, just getting those high-damage items to boost the damage output. 


For the early game, you can go the same Scrap or Twinshot early builds that you can use to transition into Jhin, just like you would for the Jinx late-game comp. One key thing to note here is that positioning for this comp is extremely important, as you want both Janna and Taric close to your Jhin to keep him healed and repel Assassins. The frontline of Braum, Yuumi, and Leona needs to be away from them to give the backline room to move, but also to keep the enemy frontline at bay.

Innovator Seraphine

A great comp to pivot to if you see that enemies are contesting Lux, Seraphine can use just about any items that you’d want to put on the Arcanist’s carry. The only item that Lux uses that really doesn’t work for Seraphine is probably Hextech Gunblade, but that could just get transitioned to Jayce in a pinch.


Speaking of Jayce, once again he will be the focus of this comp as your main frontliner. Stack him with all the defensive items you can. Another itemization, like Morellos for Orianna and Statikk Shiv for Ezreal is optional. The best part of this comp is that the lower-cost units are really not necessary to roll. As long as you can get them to 2-stars (which is not hard, even at higher levels), this comp is extremely effective.

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