[Guide] Best raid counters, moves, and skillsets for Cresselia in Pokemon GO

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Cresselia is a bulky Psychic-type Pokemon. As the bulky Pokemon are in Pokemon GO, its position isn’t too great. Cresselia’s CP maxes out at 2,857 at Lv. 40 and 3,230 at Lv. 50. As there are better Pokemon for PVEs, it’s not used as often, but Cresselia’s true strengths come in PVPs.


Raid Counters for Cresselia


As Cresselia is a Psychic-type Pokemon, there aren’t that many counters that are extremely strong against it. Naturally, Psychic-type Pokemon are vulnerable to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon. Since even the strongest Bug-type Pokemon aren’t as effective in raids, the best counters are the Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon. Mega Gengar and Chandelure are the immediate go-to choices in that matter, and Darkrai, Giratina origin forme, or Weavile are good choices too.




Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Gengar


Shadow Claw

Shadow Ball




Shadow Ball




Shadow Ball

Giratina (Origin)


Shadow Claw

Shadow Ball




Foul Play


Best moves and skillsets for Cresselia


The moves Cresselia can learn are quite limited, but its skills are mostly decent skills in the game. The available fast moves are Psycho Cut and Confusion, and most users choose Confusion as it has better DPS. In PVPs, Psycho Cut is also used often as it charges the skills much quicker, sacrificing the fast move damage.


For the charged moves, Cresselia can learn Moonblast, Aurora Beam, Future Sight, and Grass Knot (Elite TM). As mentioned earlier, Cresselia isn’t very good in PVEs, but if you were to use it, Future Sight is the best choice.


In PVP, it gets different. Learning Moonblast is great as it can counter the Dark-type Pokemon while enduring the attacks with its incredible bulk. Moonblast paired with Future Sight is usually great, but using Grass Knot as the secondary skill is decent as well. Grass Knot requires the least amount of energy and it helps in fights against Water-type Pokemon.


One last thing to remember is that since Cresselia’s max CP isn’t that high, you should NOT use it in Master League. It might be alright in some situations, but it is not recommended.


How to use Cresselia in Great League


When captured in raids, Cresselia’s minimum CP is 1,555, which exceeds the limit of the Great League. To use Cresselia in Great League, you have to trade with other users and lower its IV, hoping for one that drops below 1,555.


The raids continue with more and more Pokemon to catch! Did you catch’em all?

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