Every vehicle in Halo: Infinite multiplayer

Halo Infinite features a variety of vehicles, most of which returned from past games. While you will definitely see some vehicles in big team battle, there are also plenty of vehicles scattered around some of the 4v4 modes on certain maps as well. We put together a quick list of all the vehicles that you can use in Halo: Infinite multiplayer.


UNSC Vehicles in Halo: Infinite

M12 Warthog

The M12 Warthog is your classic three-person vehicle, with a machine gun turret mounted on the back. It is fast, maneuverable, and can deal decent damage with the turret when controlled by a player with decent aim.

M290 Mongoose

Another staple of the Halo franchise, the Mongoose ATV vehicle makes its return in Halo: Infinite. It is as squishy as ever, but it will get you places fast.

M808 Scorpion

The Scorpion is one of the deadliest vehicles in Halo history. While it is very possible to get sniped out of this tank, it is capable of blowing up infantry and other vehicles with relative ease.

AV-49 Wasp

The AV-49 Wasp plays a similar role on the battlefield to the Pelican, which has been controllable in past Halo titles.  This vehicle can only hold a single person and can fire both bullets and missiles to take of infantry, vehicles, and other air vehicles. Some are already calling the Wasp overpowered.


M15 Razorback

The M15 Razorback is essentially a four-person Warthog with no machine gun emplacement. It will get you and your squad somewhere, but you will have to bring your own guns. 

M290-M Gungoose

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we put weapons on a Mongoose? Wonder no more, because the Gungoose is here! This vehicle combines the movement of a traditional Mongoose with directional machine guns, a deadly combination when used correctly.

M12R Rockethog

The Rockethog makes its return in Halo: Infinite. It isn't quite as overpowered as it was in past titles like Halo: Reach, but with a little precision you can still bring down enemies very quickly in this thing.


Covenant Vehicles in Halo: Infinite


The Banshee is a flying vehicle that has been around since Halo 1. The Infinite version if pretty decent, with the ability to fire plasma projectiles and missiles to take out enemies. This vehicle is best against infantry, not other vehicles, and is definitely worth jumping in.

Brute Chopper

The Brute Chopper returns to Halo and remains as baffling as ever. This odd vehicle can fire guns forward, but getting it to face the right direction offers its own challenges since the steering on this thing is rather unruly compared to the other vehicles.


Another Halo classic, the Ghost is a hover vehicle that can fire energy weapons at enemies in a directional way and is highly mobile. You can quickly hover around the map, boosting past and over enemies, and taking them out with your guns. This thing will lose to heavy vehicles, but its pretty solid against infantry, so long as you don't let them close enough to hijack you.


The Wraith is the covenant version of a tank. It is slower than the other covenant vehicles, but its huge, slow-moving projectiles are capable of downing infantry and enemy vehicles alike. It is arguably worse than the Scorpion, but still a challenge to be reckoned with.


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