[Official] Former head coach for DRX, cvMax announces a hiatus from coaching

On Nov 21, the former head coach for DRX, Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho, announced a hiatus from coaching in the competitive scene. Via his stream late night, he explained that he will go on a one-year hiatus, stating DRX’s poor performance in 2021 Summer as one of the reasons behind this decision.

On his Twitch stream, he explained some of the reasons behind his decision for 2022. He reveals that there weren't a lot of offers that came his way to begin with. He explained that DRX's poor performance in 2021 Summer was one of the main factors behind the lack of offers for next year.


He further revealed that the hiatus will be from six months to a year. In that time, he shared with his viewers that he will not involve himself with League of Legends in a professional setting, and that he looks forward to all the shopping he'll be able to do during all the free time he looks forward to enjoying.


One of the other reasons that cvMax revealed was that a deal with an overseas team fell through. On the topic, however, he decided to not disclose a lot of information on the matter, as he felt it was discourteous to other teams.

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