How to Make a Memorable YouTube Banner that People Actually Like

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How to make a memorable YouTube banner that people like, do you want more YouTube views? Do you want people to come back and watch your videos? Well then, this article is

for you. Here we will show you how to use YouTube banner maker!

Step 1: Use the youtube logo.

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Use the YouTube logo along with other elements to create something eye-catching.

Pro-tip: adding YouTube colors will also help your design pop!

The YouTube colors are #F2C639, #FFFFFF, and #000000.

Step 2: Make a Youtube intro.

Most people will see your YouTube banner as they're scrolling through videos. They won't have time to watch anything but the first few seconds of your video. That's why you should make a YouTube intro that grabs attention right from the get-go. YouTube intros can also be used as a YouTube banner template and YouTube thumbnail template.


Step 3: Use an eye-catching background.

Your YouTube banner can't catch anyone's attention if it blends in with the screen. That's why you should use a YouTube banner background that stands out. You can use pictures, gradients, and YouTube banner templates to add an exciting YouTube banner background.


Remember - the essential part of your YouTube channel art template should be the elements that stand out and grab attention first!


Step 4: Use high-quality images.

You have less than 5 seconds to capture your viewer's attention. High-quality YouTube banner images convert more viewers into subscribers. You should choose YouTube banner images that look professional and fit your YouTube channel well.


Pro-tip: Using Venngage YouTube banner maker is a great way to create YouTube banners fast!


Step 5: Use colors that stand out.

Choose YouTube banners with colors that stand out from the rest of YouTube. It will help your channel stand out from all of the other YouTube channels. It will also help YouTube banners stand out in a sea of YouTube banner images and templates.


Remember: The essential part of your YouTube banner is the text that describes your YouTube channel name!


Pro-tip: A simple, bold color like red stands out very well on any background.


Step 6: Choose a font that's easy to read and appeals to your target audience.

Once you've chosen a YouTube banner background and an image, you can select a font to finish your YouTube banner. Make sure the text is easy to read and understand! If people can't read your YouTube channel name (which is an essential part of the YouTube banner), they won't stick around to watch your videos.


Pro-tip: If you're designing YouTube banners for a channel aimed at children, use a YouTube banner template that includes big, bold letters. That way, they can read the YouTube banner from across the room!


Step 7: Use your YouTube banner as a thumbnail.

When people scroll through different YouTube video thumbnails and YouTube banner images, it's easy to overlook YouTube banners. So, to get more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers, you'll want YouTube banner templates that can be used as YouTube thumbnails too! Use the same colors from the YouTube banner in your YouTube thumbnail. That will help them match up when people are scrolling through different thumbnails.


Step 8: Use YouTube banners in your Youtube channel art.

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Your YouTube channel art is like the face of your YouTube channel. That's why YouTube banner templates are great for YouTube channel art! When you're designing YouTube channel art, make sure to plan something interesting that screams your YouTube channel name. This way, people know what they're getting.


Step 9: Make your YouTube banner fit YouTube dimensions exactly.

You want to make sure that people's attention is drawn to the YouTube banner and not YouTube video without having to start playing it. Making your YouTube banner fit YouTube dimensions exactly helps this happen faster than if you had a YouTube banner with one edge cut off or something.


It's also best to have YouTube banner templates that are easily identifiable, so keeping your YouTube dimensions helps the YouTube banner fit YouTube better. That's why YouTube banners should be YouTube dimensions exactly. It makes them easier to identify and helps ensure they'll work well with YouTube videos.


Step 10: Make your YouTube banner compatible with mobile devices.

Mobile phones are the most popular device people use to access YouTube videos. That's why YouTube banner templates need to be compatible with mobile devices. In addition, you can check your YouTube video on different devices to see if there are any issues or inconsistencies. That's why YouTube banners need to adapt to mobile devices. YouTube banner templates can help make YouTube banners look good on all screens.

Step 11: Use a simple layout.

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You want your YouTube banner to be easy to identify from a distance, so keep it simple! It means keeping it on one layer with no transparent parts. It means you should use highly bright colors, extremely bold text, or YouTube banner templates with a simple design.

Applying these YouTube banner design principles will help ensure your YouTube channel gets the attention it deserves!



If you want more YouTube banner inspiration, you may try the Venngage banner. They create a great banner for YouTube, and these are all free YouTube banners. It is now easy for you to find where to make a YouTube banner for your channel.

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