Players are pulling off insane trickshots in Halo Infinite with the grappling hook

Source: Soccernx/YouTube

Halo Infinite Multiplayer dropped this week, and it didn't take long for some players to unlock some of the craziest trick shot opportunities in any Halo game to date using the games new equipment abilities.


YouTube Soccernx posted a video titled "Welcome to Halo Infinite", showing themselves using a plasma grenade to launch a vehicle up in the air, blow it up further using the Skewer, and then grapple onto it while reloading for a high-up mid-air trickshot from with the Skewer. This truly spectacular play shows the capabilities of the new physics engine, and points to some crazy possibilities for trick shots in the future.


More traditional and accessible trick shot setups are also made even more possible as well using the grappler. Instead of being limited to jumping off ledges for a 360 no-scope, or using a preset launcher on the map, players can now propel themselves off buildings for a 360 no-scope kill using the grappler. With so many possibilities, you can be sure there will be plenty of custom lobbies with infinite grapplers and sniper rifles wherein you can hone your trick shotting skills.


Other abilities have also proven to be good for achieving unorthodox kills. Reddit user izbene posted a clip of themselves throwing a plasma grenade off a wall, and then using the Repulsor piece of equipment to them reflect his own grenade at an enemy. 


With the game having only been officially released this week, you can be sure that players will be finding even more epic Halo moments using the new equipment and weapons available in Halo Infinite. 


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