Riot Games announces format changes for LCS 2022, split format and Superweeks to return

Source: Riot Games


According to an announcement by LoL Esports, the LCS will no longer carry over Spring Split records into summer. After trying the cumulative experiment over 2021’s LCS season, the league will be back to a format that separates the two splits.



Additionally, it has been announced that the league’s LCS Lock-in tournament will be returning to start off the season on January 14. February 5 will see the beginning the Spring Split. The Spring Split championship will no longer be called the Mid Season Showdown — instead simply Spring Split playoffs, which will begin on April 24.


Riot’s announcement also reveals a return to competition. After cancelling the 2021 LCS Championship at Prudential Center, LoL Esports has announced the Spring Split playoffs will be held at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.


The update also reveals a change in the LCS’s scheduling for games. Matches will return to being scheduled only on Saturdays and Sundays — five games one those days. The LCS will also reintroduce Super Weeks, that will allow for five additional games to be played on Friday on select weeks. According to LoL Esports, the move is intended to alleviate potential burnout for teams, and increase viewership for the LCS.


“We believe that reducing the number of regular season games will help combat player burnout while delivering more meaningful matches for our fans. Additionally, the earlier start times will help our east coast and European fans.”


The update appears to do nothing to address the concern many analysts and fans have with eastern teams having an advantage in games played. While LEC and LCS played less than 20 games in each split, LPL and LCK teams had the benefit of playing more than thirty (in some cases, forty). Additionally, they were given more experience in the best-of-x format.

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