Complete list of every weapon in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is finally here, with its multiplayer mode having launched this week in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Xbox. With the full release of the multiplayer mode, we finally have our complete list of all the weapons the game launched with. Here is every weapon in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode.


BR 75

The BR 75 is the latest version of the Halo Battle rifle. This gun can kill in four bursts if you hit every shot on the first three bursts and land a headshot on the last burst. If you like the BR in past Halo titles, this one won't disappoint.


The Cindershot is an explosive ordinance weapon that fires small explosive projectiles. The blast radius on the projectiles I fairly limited, but if you can get hits on enemies, it can light them up. What makes this gun unique is that its primary fire will bounce the projectile, but the right-click fire will let you guide your shot after its fired by moving your cursor around, allowing you to curve your shots around obstacles.

CQS48 Bulldog

This is the combat shotgun equivalent for this game. As you might expect from a 12-gauge shotgun in Halo Infinite, this thing is devastating up close but becomes quickly ineffective with any amount of distance between you and your target.


The Disruptor is a handgun that can be used to  damage both enemies and vehicles. Against enemies, hits with this weapons will cause a small amount of damage over time via an electric shock. Hitting vehicles with this gun can disable them for a shot amount of time.

Energy Sword

Fans of the classic halo franchise will recognize the energy sword as one of the most iconic weapons in the whole series. The sword returns with its usual one-hit kill power, and its ridiculous lunge distance.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is also returning to Halo Infinite, with its potential to smash people and vehicles alike. This is your standard Gravity Hammer with no significant alterations for this game.


The Heatwave is an energy weapon that has two firing modes. You can either fire it in a vertical burst, or a horizontal one. When the shots hit a surface with this weapon, they will also bounce, allowing for you to potentially do some decent area of effect damage. This weapon isn't the highest damage one, but its unique traits make it an interesting utility weapon in Halo Infinite.


The Hydra is a missile launcher, that fires tiny explosive projectiles in a straight line. The projectiles do very little splash damage, so this weapon is best used to directly hit enemies if you can. This gun can also lock onto enemies and vehicles with its alt-fire, which can be very useful against fast-moving opponents, simply right click to switch modes.


The M41SPNKr is the rocket launcher in this game. This is one of the most classic Halo weapons around, and it maintains its incredible efficacy and splash damage in Halo Infinite. As a power weapon, it can be difficult to get your hands on one of these, but if you can it will not disappoint.


The MA40 AR is your traditional Halo assault rifle. It is arguably worse than it was in past titles, though the AR has never been a particularly good weapon outside of maybe Halo: CE. Regardless, you will end up using this one a lot, since it is a common default weapon in most Halo Infinite multiplayer modes outside of competitive.


The Mangler is a revolver that can fire eight rounds before needing to reload. It is most effective in short and medium ranges, and requires at least three shots to kill. This gun isn't the best in Halo Infinite, but it is definitely usable in a pinch.

Mk50 Sidekick

The Mk50 Sidekick pistol is Halo Infinite's version of the classic halo pistol. WIth 12 rounds in a clip, and a bit of optical zoom available, this weapon is pretty solid at short and medium ranges. It is a common default sidearm in Halo Infinite, so it will be an important weapon to master.


The Needler is another Halo stable returning to the franchise. This time around the Needler is usable, but it's not as incredibly powerful as it has been in some past Halo titles. Nonetheless, this target-seeking covenant weapon remains very fun to use. 

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol makes its return to Halo Infinite. Per usual, you can disable vehicles and take out enemy shields with this weapon, and beyond that, you probably shouldn't use it.

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine is a covenant weapon that first bursts of energy ammunition at enemies. It is presented as the Covenant answer to the Battle Rifle, but with its significant time to travel for its bursts, it plays very different, as you will need to heavily lead moving targets or stick to short ranges if you want to make this gun work for you.


The Ravager is also a burst weapon, but this one fires deadly plasma that can kill enemies in only a few well-placed shots. It also features a large blade to superpower your melee strikes. The plasma not only deals great direct damage, it also deals a bit of splash damage if you shots land near a target.

S7 Sniper

The S7 Sniper is the traditional USMC sniper that Halo fans have come to know and love. Overall, this gun feels pretty similar to the past Halo sniper, though it doesn't feel quite the same as any previous sniper. It may take some getting use to, but this gun remains one  of the most powerful power weapons that will drop in a match.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam is a Forerunner constant fire beam weapon that has been in the franchise for a long time. The Infinite version of the beam is very similar to past versions, with it dealing constant damage to enemies. This version's recoil kicks up and to the left, and can kill an enemy in a few moments of being exposed to constant beam fire.

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle is a slow methodical type of burst sniper rifle. This Banished weapons first about five bullets each time you pull the trigger, in a single accurate arc of electrical mayhem. If you hit your burst on someone's head, you can essentially one tap them in a similar fashion to your standard sniper rifle.


The Skewer is a powerful weapon that can take out enemy vehicle and soldiers with a well places shot. This weapon can kill in a single body shot at any range, but also has a relatively long reload between each shot, making is a high-risk, high-reward weapon similar to the Spartan Laser from past games.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is a medium-to-long range weapon that will reward your accuracy with kills. This gun operates similarly to what you would expect from a DMR or BR type gun, but with plasma projectiles.

VK78 Commando

Another UNSC weapon, the VK78 commando is an automatic gun with a 2x optic. This weapon has a relatively slow fire rate, and is going to reward accuracy above all else, as it is capable to taking out an unshielded enemy with a single well-placed headshot.


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