Afreeca Freecs parts ways with 'Dread-Fly-Bang-Lehends-Keine'

Most of Afreeca Freecs’ 2021 League of Legends roster have entered free agency. On Nov 16, AF announced ‘Dread-Fly-Bang-Lehends-Keine’, and coaches ‘Rigby-Lira’ have parted ways with the organization, wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


Lee ‘Dread’ Jin-hyeok is a jungler who debuted under AF. From once competing for the starting spot as a rookie player, his unique aggressive style of gameplay allowed him to outplay some of the best teams in the league. He was the starting jungler for AF for most of 2021.


Song “Fly” Yong-jun is a veteran in the LCK who started playing with AF in 2020 as their starting mid laner. He’s a player with a lot of experience in various teams in the LCK such as KT and Gen.G, and is known for his unorthodox mage picks, such as Veigar and Aurelion Sol.


AF’s bot lane, ‘Bang-Lehends’, as well as mid laner for AF’s CL roster, Kim “Keine” Joon-cheol, have all entered free agency as well. Bang-Lehends played for the team in the Spring split, but AF’s second bot laner, Han “Leo” Gyeo-re took over as the starting member for the majority of the Summer split.


Two coaches from the team, LirA & Rigby, have parted ways with AF as well. Rigby was promoted to head coach in the Spring split, but stepped down and returned to his original coach in the Summer split of 2021. Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo has a longer history with the organization than Rigby; once the jungler for the team, he returned to the LCK for the 2021 season after his tenure in the LCS.

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