[OFFICIAL] Karmine Corp signs Rekkles ahead of LFL 2022 season

Source: Karmine Corp


LFL organization Karmine Corp has announced the signing of star AD carry of Martin "Rekkles" Larsson. Rekkles is one of the most decorated players in European League of Legends history, but found himself without any offers in the LEC after being benched and put up for buyout by G2 Esports after the organization missed the World Championship for the first time ever in the 2021 season.




The reason for Rekkles' inability to generate demand from LEC teams, despite winning more LEC titles during his tenure on Fnatic than any other player in the league's history, is his buyout price, which has been confirmed via Twitter by G2 Esports founder, owner & CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago at $1.5 million.


Recently, G2 Esports attempted to loan Rekkles to teams for a 'double-reduced' price according to ocelote, with a chance to sign Rekkles after the 2022 season, but the potential venture was blocked by a LEC ruling. G2 Esports applied to change the rule, but apparently failed to succeed. 


Rekkles is the second LEC player to join Karmine Corp in the past calendar year after Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet, who had been in retirement for around six months after a six-year career in the LEC, joined KC as their new top laner following Adam "Adam" Manaane's transfer to Fnatic before the start of the 2021 LEC Summer split.


Rekkles' situation, however, is undeniably different from Cabochard's with KCorp. Cabochard was coming off of a brief retirement, and a step back into competitive play in his home region is a choice that makes sense should he want to return to the LEC. Rekkles, on the other hand, was good for most of the season and spectacular for a good chunk of it. For the Swedish sharpshooter to head to a European Regional League is truly unprecedented.

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