Sorceress class accidentally leaked for Lost Ark NA, EU release

Throughout the Lost Ark NA/EU closed beta, the Mage class could either advance into a Bard or a Summoner. Missing from this selection was the Sorceress, a new class Smilegate released in August of 2021 for the KR version of the game. The Sorceress excels in elemental magic and has some of the most visually stunning abilities in all of Lost Ark. 

The Sorceress is a fan favorite on KR servers


Fans have been requesting confirmation on whether or not the Sorceress be included in the Western release of Lost Ark since August, and they might have their answer now.


While not directly confirming the Sorceress class,  a now-deleted social media post on the official Lost Ark Twitter about Mokoko seeds does support the rumor. As seen below, the "Main Advanced Class" lists Sorceress when the class has not yet been released as playable.

Source: @SywoSan


This isn't the first time attentive fans have caught possible confirmations of class availability across different regions either. Previously, the Striker was accidentally confirmed to be a class available to NA/EU closed beta players when the class image was featured in place of Soulfist in founders pack marketing images.

The live release of Lost Ark across NA and EU regions is planned for 2022 and the total number of classes available then is still unknown.

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